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27 December, 2012

New Leapers 4 x 32AO Airgun Scope Review

The second model in Leapers' expanding new range of UTG airgun scopes is the 4x32AO, Leapers product number SCP-U432AOD.

This Leapers/UTG scope is designed specifically for use with air rifles and checks all the boxes that airgunners want from their scopes:
- It's airgun rated against the forward and reverse recoil generated by spring and gas piston airguns (Leapers True Strength platform).
- It has Adjustable Objective (AO) focusing down to just 5 yards.
- The reticle has Mil Dots for easy, rapid elevation and windage changes.
- And it's supplied complete with a pair of strong rings that mount onto airgun dovetails.

Leapers claims that this scope is completely sealed and Nitrogen-filled, making it shockproof, fogproof and rainproof. Flip-up front and rear lens covers further protect the lenses from inclement weather.

The turrets are covered with screw caps and - once these are removed - rotate with definite and reassuring clicks without the need for a coin or tool to make the adjustment. The turrets are brass-based, further distinguishing this scope from lower-cost models.

The photograph above shows this new Leapers 4x32AO scope fitted to a Ruger Air Hawk air rifle. As you can see, it fits well!

This scope is an ideal upgrade or replacement for the many low-quality 4x32 scopes bundled with many $100-ish air rifles from Beeman, Ruger, Gamo and Crosman. You'll notice a significant improvement in image quality and usability by using this scope - that all adds up to improved accuracy downrange!

In my opinion, the quality of this scope is very good for the price, with clear, sharp, high contract images visible through the eyepiece. This scope is in stock today at Archer Airguns.

Leapers next airgun scope will be a 3-9x32AO model. Archer Airguns already has a sample of that scope in-house for testing and we'll report on that shortly.


20 December, 2012

QB78 HDD Performance Data and Review

Apologies for the shortage of blog posts this month, but - as you can imagine - we've been extremely busy fulfilling customer orders...

There is, however, some new and interesting data on the QB78 Hammer Debounce Device - the HDD - that has been generated by the designer - Steve_in_NC. Steve used a sound recording software program to produce a graph of the noise generated by firing a QB78. And he did this when firing the gun both with and without having an HDD fitted.

The graphs are shown below. The basic way to understand these graphs is that the X-axis (across the screen) indicates time, while the Y axis (up and down) measures the amplitude, or strength, of the noise.

A comparison of the "with HDD " and "without HDD" charts shows that with the HDD fitted the hammer strikes the valve just once. Without the HDD, the hammer hits the valve repeatedly - you can actually see this in the charts as the three big blocks of up-and-down blue lines.

First, the trace from firing a QB78 WITHOUT a HDD installed.

When the QB78 was fired with a HDD installed, the chart looks very different. There's only one big block of blue lines - the hammer hitting the valve only once. It's a pretty dead blow.

These charts give a very technical description of the HDD actually working. Thanks Steve!

But what does that mean in practice?

The following graph shows the results of some shooting tests I undertook on a QB78 fitted with the HDD.

As you can see, the QB78 tested held a muzzle velocity above 495fps for 74 - YES SEVENTY-FOUR! - shots. This compares to the 50 - 55 shots that can be produced by a gun in factory (non HDD-fitted) condition. That means that the point of impact is held for many more shots with an HDD-fitted gun than without. The result is better accuracy and a considerably greater number of "good" shots per fill!

And yes, the QB78 HDD works with all QB78 type air rifles.


12 December, 2012

Preview of January 2013 Airgun Hobbyist Magazine

The next issue of Airgun Hobbyist magazine is scheduled to be mailed immediately after Christmas. This looks as if it will be another excellent issue!

By agreement with the editor, Archer Airguns is able to reveal the contents in advance. Here they are:

Browning Airguns Hi Power Mk III by Gordon D. Smith
The P-Rod Double by Tim Smith
One I Hope They Bring Back by James E. House
Falke 90 - Rare Airgun or Not? by Tom Gaylord
AirForce Talon on CO2 by Dennis F. Haughan
It's a Daisy? by The Daisy Museum
CT Custom Airguns WFTF Diana 54 by Jock Elliott
Report of the 2nd Annual Extreme Benchrest Competition by Gordon D Smith
The Webley and Scott Value Max .20 Caliber Springer by Gordon D. Smith
Hunting Airgun: Power Requirement by Jim Chapman
Product Spotlight by Sue Smith
The Airforce Condor: A Versatile Airgun by Tim Smith
Hey, I have This Question About QB78 Air Rifles by Stephen Archer
Crosman Backpacker, A Blast From The Past by Rick Eustler
Umarex Browning Buckmark URX by J.I. Galen
Shootin' Sheridans by Top Dog
20th Anniversary Daisy get Together its the Bulls Eye by Wes Powers
William Schneider and His Airgun Masterpiece by Larry Hannusch
Blue Collar Pigeons by Roderigo Tardelli Meirelles
My First Time on The Line by Jim Chapman

You can order Airgun Hobbyist magazine online. A subscription makes a great present!


04 December, 2012

Now There's a Choice of Wood Grade with QB78 Deluxe, AR2078A, AR2078B and AR2079 Air Rifles

As many people really like to see attractive wood stocks on their air rifles, Archer Airguns has long offered a choice of wood grade - Standard and Special Select - for QB78 type air rifle wood stocks when these have been supplied as spare parts or in our QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop.

Now, for the first time, we can also offer this choice with some new airguns, specifically the QB78 Deluxe, CAR78a, AR2078A, AR2078B, AR2079A and AR2079B models. Selection is made in the pages of the Archer Airguns online store by a simple dropdown. Either you can choose standard grade wood - which is still much better than many of our customers expect! - or Special Select grade.

The Special Select grade commands a small price premium of just $15.99. Please note that Special Select grade wood is never going to look like choice Grade 2 Walnut, but it does give some attractive figuring to the wood and can make your QB78-type air rifle look very good.

Our photographs show a couple of sample Standard Grade stocks, together with two sample Special Select stocks. No two Special Select stocks look the same, but they are chosen to offer distinctly more grain and figuring than the regular stocks.

As always, there's no obligation to choose this upgrade when ordering your next air rifle, but the choice is there and for the "woodaholics" among us - including me! - this should be a tempting offer.


30 November, 2012

The Archer Airguns Seasonal Sale Starts Today

You can find sale bargains throughout the store, including special prices on the QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078B and AR2079B.

There's special prices on many parts kits and we now have Xisico XS28M barrel kits (fit Ruger Air Hawk Magnum and RWS350) available in .25 caliber as well as .22 and .177

If you're looking for a special gift idea for your favorite airgunner (or yourself!) we have just a few one of a kind specials available on our Gift Guns page.

Here's a photo of the beautiful Benjamin Superstreak that's one of the Gift Guns. It includes a camo stock, Gold Service test target and hard Plano case...

If you're choosing a Stoeger X20 Suppressor, you can benefit from the $50.00 value Stoeger mail in promo.

To ensure that your orders are shipped in time for Christmas delivery, please order before 19 December with USPS Priority Mail shipping. If you prefer free shipping or choose USPS Parcel Post, the deadline is 12 December. Obviously we'll be shipping everything out as rapidly as we can, but the Post Office can't GUARANTEE delivery before 25 December for parcels shipped after those dates.


23 November, 2012

Fit This Beautiful Thumbhole Stock to your Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle

Above and below, the Ruger Air Hawk fitted with this beautiful, unique bamboo thumbhole stock.

If the buttstock of your Ruger Air Hawk air rifle is looking a little tired, or has been damaged in use; this could be the ideal solution. You can dress up your Air Hawk with the beautiful, stylish Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock - it fits perfectly!

This laminated bamboo stock adds a whole new dimension of usability to your Air Hawk and it looks beautiful, too. The design gives a good cheek weld - essential for accurate shooting - and the palm swell in the forend encourages the use of the "artillery hold" that's so essential for good shooting with any spring/piston air rifle such as this.

Many people find the pistol grip of the thumbhole design easier to grip and - best of all - it adds no weight to the airgun. Bamboo is a very strong wood and this is a durable stock, in spite of its delicate appearance.

The Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock Kit is not supplied with a trigger guard, but you can use the one that came with your airgun as it fits correctly. And you can simply reuse the stock screws from your Air Hawk too. What upgrade could be easier?

The XS25 Bamboo stock can also be used to upgrade the Ruger Air Hawk Elite air rifle in just the same way, it will be lighter as a result. It also fits the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle, but in this case, you will also require the Xisico XS25 Trigger Guard Kit and Xisico XS25 Wood Stock Screw Kit, as the synthetic stock does not have a removable trigger guard and uses different stock screws.

This stock looks great, doesn't it?


20 November, 2012

Archer Airguns is Business of the Month on the Yellow Airgun Forum.

Archer Airguns is featured as "Business of the Month" on the James Kitching Yellow Airgun Forum - the world's biggest airgun forum.

You can read the full article here, it contains much information about Archer Airguns, some of which is not so well known.

The article includes this very rare archive photograph of me shooting my antique 1897 Mauser Model 1896 "Broomhandle" pistol many years ago at Bisley ranges in the UK. That's me in front. It was taken so long ago that I don't even have gray hair visible in the photo!

I'd like to wish all readers of this blog a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.


16 November, 2012

Stoeger X20 Suppressor Back In Stock - With $50 Value Mail-In Offer

A new delivery of Stoeger Suppressor air rifles arrived in the US very recently, ending the shortage of these excellent - and quiet - air rifles that has existed for a couple of months. Both .177 and .22 caliber combos are in stock and available again in Archer Airguns online store.

As a reminder, Stoeger X20 Suppressor air rifle combos - in either caliber - purchased between now and 31 December 2012 are elegible for a free "holiday pack starter kit" of pellets, pellet trap and paper targets, with a retail value of $50.00!

This is a write-in promotion which is fulfilled directly by Benelli USA. You simply send them a copy of your sales receipt, together with the completed offer form and they send you the starter pack. Full details can be found in the Stoeger Airguns website.

The pellets supplied in this offer are high quality German-made Stoeger X-Sport pellets. These are a solid wadcutter pellet that performs well in many types of airgun for target shooting.

To qualify, your Stoeger X20 Suppressor purchase needs to be made from an authorized Stoeger Airguns dealer - like Archer Airguns. We have the X20 Suppressor combo with 4 x 32 Stoeger scope in stock in both .177 and .22 calibers.


12 November, 2012

New Leapers 3-9 x 50AO Airgun Scope

Newly introduced by Leapers is the new UTG 3-9 x 50AO scope, including airgun rings.

This is the first of - what we are told - will be a range of dedicated airgun scopes including rings for standard airgun dovetails. As many will know, Leapers has made many of its scopes available with bundled Weaver rings, but these have been of limited interest to most airgunners as additional rings were still required.

Above, the scope mounted on a QB78 Deluxe air rifle.

The Leapers UTG 3 - 9 x 50AO scope is a good, bright and sharp scope that covers the most popular airgun magnification range. Minimum focusing range is just 5 yards and this - combined with a mil dot reticle and the bundled rings - make this scope a great new choice. It comes complete with flip-up lens caps and sunshade. Archer Airguns has this scope in stock, of course!

Below, the same scope mounted on a Ruger Air Hawk air rifle.


08 November, 2012

The QB57 Air Rifle - A Customer's Review

Kent from Virginia recently purchased a QB57 Deluxe airgun from Archer Airguns. He sent us an email with his review of the new air rifle and has kindly approved its publication - unaltered - in this blog post.

Above, the QB57 in factory configuration.

"I received my QB 57 last Friday.  I really did not expect much considering that I spent less than $100 dollars for it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  This is a hefty rifle. It is a little heavy but the short design makes it very comfortable to shoot.  It certainly has a lot of power.  I bought the .22 version and it has enough power to embed a pellet into a piece of plywood at 50 feet.

I own several air rifles and this QB 57 is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I really like the carbine, bull pup design.  Once I sighted it in I am able to hit a 3" circle at 50 feet with the iron sights.  I would recommend this air rifle to any adult, this gun is not for children.  It must be treated with respect for sure.  I've had 1 misfire and the anti-bear trap devise missed latching once or twice.

I would like to recommend that you advise buyers to wear hearing protection in the ear next to the stock.  I'd also like to recommend that you advise buyers to tighten the screws after about an hour of shooting.  My sear screw loosened and I was unable to cock the gun.  It took me about 5 minutes to find Mr. Archers post about the sear screw. Easy fix but I almost didn't figure it out.  Once I fixed that and tightened the screws it shoots like a dream.  
This really is a fun gun to shoot.  I'm so impressed, I think my next purchase will probably be one of your custom QB 78's

My other air rifles are a Benjamin Titan, a Crosman 760, a Crosman 2300T, a Benjamin 312, and an Air Force Talon."

Kent, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the QB57 with us! As you say, this is an airgun that must be treated with even more than the usual respect, but which pays off in shooting fun.


04 November, 2012

New Silent Pellet Trap Range for 9 x 7-Inch NRA Airgun Targets

A complete new range of "silent" airgun pellet traps is launched by Archer Airguns today!

Above. The Premium (left) and Classic Mini Pellet Traps.

The Classic Mini Pellet Trap and Premium Mini Pellet Trap are designed specifically for use with 9 x 7-inch targets, particularly NRA air rifle and air pistol targets AR-5/5, AR-3 and TQ-5/1. They also can be used with smaller targets such as the NRA AR-5/1, B-40/1, and TQ-6 targets. Gamo paper airgun targets can also be used with these traps, as shown below.

These new Archer Airguns Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are far superior in performance to any other pellet trap of this size: there's no annoying "clang" when a pellet strikes the trap, they don't move when hit and they're safer than other traps because pellets do not ricochet or fly back out of the trap. Plus, they are the only airgun pellet traps of this size that are made right here in the USA!

Suitable for airguns with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber with lead pellets, or 750 FPS in .22 caliber with lead pellets at 10 yards range, the Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are also capable of handling higher muzzle velocities than traps from Beeman, Crosman and Gamo.

The Classic Mini Trap is solidly constructed from poplar and features a 16 Gauge steel back. In conjunction with 5 lb of electrician's duct seal, this makes for a very substantial trap. The Premium Mini Trap is built from selected Red Oak for "cabinet quality" appearance and includes a handle and felt feet. This is a trap that has the quality of a piece of furniture!

Both Classic and Premium Mini Traps are available with or without Duct Seal. Some customers want to buy their duct seal locally and save on shipping costs. Others want to be sure they have the correct material and prefer a bundled approach. It's your choice, but duct seal MUST be used in these traps - that's the way they work.

Above. Classic Mini Traps shown with Duct Seal installed (left) and before doing so.

And for the first time, the Classic Mini "Silent" Pellet Trap is available in a 3-pack at a price saving: this is expected to be attractive to shooting clubs looking to add high quality pellet traps to their air rifle and air pistol ranges. In this case, the duct seal must be purchased locally.

Below, the "Club Pack" of three traps.

These traps are in stock as from today!


01 November, 2012

Special Offer on QB78 Weaver Breech

For a limited time, Archer Airguns is offering a pair of UTG Leapers high mount Weaver rings at no charge with every QB78 Weaver breech (that's the right hand model) sold. That's a $10 value!

The Weaver breech gives a sharp, modern look to any QB78 type air rifle, including the QB79, AR2078 and AR2079 and these high mount rings are ideal for fitting a scope with a 40mm or 50mm objective lens.

Fitting this breech is easy, simply follow my instructional videos on YouTube. Alternatively Archer Airguns can fit the Weaver breech as a replacement on new airguns ordered from us at a small additional charge.

Limited quantities are available at this special price.


29 October, 2012

Customer Review of Xisico XS25SFB Air Rifle

We recently received the following email from Archer Airguns' customer Randall. As you can see, he's very happy with his new Xisico XS25SFB air rifle! Randall's email is reproduced here with his permission.

"Hello Stephen,

I received a gorgeous Xisico XS25SFB yesterday, yet didn't get to shoot but a few pellets through it.  I couldn't wait to zero the scope and give it, and me, a bit of a workout this morning.  Well, after no more than 25 pellets later, I shot this 5-shot target from 10 yds. bench rest. 

I use JSB Exact 8.44 gr. pellets, as I've found them to be very consistent in springer rifles.  With a CO2 powered gun my expectations are rather high regarding repeatable accuracy, but with springers, I know that some take a while to tame and settle down. 

It seems that's not the case with the Xisico, since from my initial shots to set up the scope it was grouping remarkably well.  It's a fairly heavy rifle which lends itself to a steady hold, and that's always a welcome feature. 

Last night I did polish the sear which made the second stage very smooth.  The flawless, and comfortable bamboo stock, solid scope stop, and the very nicely done muzzle break help make this rifle an exceptional choice.
Once again, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of your products, and your very accommodating service, and for that, a big thanks and a tip of the hat.  I'm going to have a lot of fun with this superb rifle. 

Warmest regards, Randall"

Randall, thanks! And that's great shooting by you!


23 October, 2012

How to Get the Best From Your Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle

Just released today is a new Archer Airguns video. The subject is the Ruger Air Hawk air rifle, featuring five ways to maximise your enjoyment of this popular airgun.

Just click in the frame below to view:

As always, my video aims to educate and inform airgunners on how to gain maximum success with their air rifles. This video covers often-overlooked points such as keeping stock screws tight and holding the gun correctly.

An easy method for optimizing the muzzle velocity of the airgun is covered, using the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk, together with an illustrated explanation of how to choose and use a better scope.

Pellet choice makes a big impact on airgun performance, so a guide to selecting the most suitable pellets is included, together with details of the very impressive performance of Stoeger X-Speed lead free pellets in the Air Hawk. A muzzle velocity of well over 1,100 fps was achieved by the test gun using X-Speed Pellets, in conjunction with the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit.

Most of the tips included in this video also apply to the Ruger Air Hawk Elite and Blackhawk air rifles.

I hope that you will enjoy this new video!


19 October, 2012

Winter Promotion for Stoeger Airguns X20 Suppressor

Just received from Benelli USA are details of the 2012 Stoeger Airguns Winter promotion.

Stoeger X20 Suppressor air rifle combos - in either caliber - purchased between now and 31 December 2012 are elegible for a free holiday pack starter kit of pellets, pellet trap and paper targets, with a retail value of $50.00!

This is a write-in promotion which is fulfilled directly by Benelli USA. You simply send them a copy of your sales receipt, together with the completed offer form and they send you the starter pack. As the promotion gives one starter pack per gun, if you buy multiple new X20 Suppressors, you could receive the same number of starter packs. Hey, you could buy a Stoeger X20 Suppressor for every family member and every one would qualify for a starter pack!

The pellets supplied in this offer are high quality German-made Stoeger X-Sport pellets. These are a solid wadcutter pellet that performs well in many types of airgun for target shooting.

Details are shown in the flyer reproduced above. An electronic version of the offer form will also be available on-line at

To qualify, your Stoeger X20 Suppressor purchase needs to be made from an authorized Stoeger Airguns dealer - like Archer Airguns. We have the X20 Suppressor combo with 4 x 32 Stoeger scope in stock in both .177 and .22 calibers from just $199.99!


11 October, 2012

Beautiful Silent Airgun Pellet Trap Kit

Continuing our run of posts by satisfied Archer Airguns customers, today we show an Archer Airguns Classic Silent Pellet Trap Kit that was assembled and customized by Franklin from Fairfield, CA. Franklin says "I like the kit a lot".

As you can see, Franklin was very creative with assembling his airgun pellet trap kit. In addition to adding feet and a handle, he added metal plating around the front edges of the trap to prevent damage to the wood. In conjunction with the vibrant red color, it certainly makes a very attractive presentation.

The Classic Silent Pellet Trap Kit is designed for use with Letter-size targets - there's many free downloads of suitable targets to be found on the Internet with a Google search.

Thanks again Franklin, I'm sure your example will inspire others too!


07 October, 2012

AR2078B Customer First Test Target

Randall, a happy Archer Airguns customer, wrote to us recently about his new Industry Brand AR2078B air rifle that he had just received. He has kindly allowed us to reproduce his email here, together with the first target he shot.

"Hello folks,

Received my new target shooter today.

I went downstairs and zeroed the 6x Bugbuster I'd ordered. I put 5 RWS MeisterKus into this target, 10 yards, bench rest.

Wow, what a superb rifle! I couldn't be more thrilled. I am overwhelmed at the quality and accuracy of this rifle. It exceeded my rather high expectations.

Thanks for your excellent products and service."

Thanks Randall! I hope you continue to enjoy your AR2078B air rifle...


03 October, 2012

QB79 Tank Block Kit Fits Crosman 2240 Pistol

Barry from The Villages in Florida kindly sent some photographs and information on his Crosman 2240 pistol upgrade project in which he used an Archer Airguns QB79 Tank Block Kit.

Barry installed an Archer Airguns QB79 Tank Block Kit on his Crosman 2240 air pistol so as to be able to attach a 3-5-ounce CO2 paintball tank. And as you can see, it works perfectly!

Bary's words follow: "The most difficult part was getting the holes drilled properly in the tube; got lucky the first time. I guess I could have drilled larger holes to make alignment less critical, but I wanted to make sure there was less chance of leakage. I believe that with the four O rings, that should not be an issue."

"I have installed a B&A Max-Flow valve and the Archer Tank Block Kit. It fits perfectly. My gun has an .177 - 18-inch barrel. Works like a dream. Will be testing fps on my chrony."

"PS I have to give credit to John DiStefano who told me about your Tank Block. He has one, but it will not work with CO2 because it does not have a probe to release CO2 from the bottle."

John thanks from me too! The Archer Tank Block works with CO2, but is not strong enough for HPA use at higher pressures. John's block is designed and manufactured for use with HPA applications.

Barry: thank you!


29 September, 2012

In Fall, Pellet Traps Spring to Mind!

Now that Fall is here, many airgunners start to make plans for indoor shooting ranges at home - in the basement or garage. And, of course, one essential requirement is a pellet trap to safely catch the pellets and prevent them from bouncing back out towards the shooter.

Archer Airguns has the best pellet traps available. They're craftsman-made right here in up-state New York from Oak and Poplar and there's a range of ready made and kit versions. These traps have a long history of satisfied users and are officially-licensed versions of Dr Joe Matusic's original design.

Below we see the Premium Silent Pellet Trap made of oak.

And here's a Classic Kit. It's supplied with full instructions and you can also follow along with the video instructions that are posted on YouTube.

Below we see a couple of assembled pellet traps made from Classic Silent Trap Kits. One is finished in black and has a handle added. The other is is "as assembled" and unfinished form.

All Archer Airguns pellet traps use electricians' Duct Seal as the material to actually stop the pellets. The Duct Seal stops the pellets and prevents that noisy, irritating "clang" that you find with metal pellet traps. That's why they're called "Silent" Pellet Traps. You can buy the Duct Seal from us, but it's usually cheaper to obtain it locally from the electrical aisle of Home Depot or an electrical specialist store. It's commonly sold in 1 lb bricks looking like this.

It's important to know that there's several types of material called "Duct Seal". There's also a Plumbers' Duct Seal. DON"T USE THIS!!! It's useless. Unlike electricians' duct seal, plumbers' duct seal is water-based. It warps the traps, doesn't stay in place and doesn't stop the pellets. But Lowes often tells customers this is what they need. It's not!

The wooden trap structure holds the Duct Seal and targets in place. As an insurance, many customers also like to add a solid steel backing plate behind the duct seal. This is intended as a "back stop" and is not a replacement for duct seal as the primary method of stopping the pellets - but it does add a considerable confidence factor in stopping the pellets, particularly if you're shooting a high powered air rifle.


24 September, 2012

Now you can buy Airgun Hobbyist Magazine from Archer Airguns!

Archer Airguns has teamed up with Airgun Hobbyist magazine to offer sales of subscriptions and single copies to a wider audience of airgun enthusiasts.

The new - October 2012 - issue will be mailed to subscribers this week. This issue is notable as it amounts to a re-launch of the only airgun magazine written and produced in the USA for American airgun enthusiasts.

From the October 2012 issue, Airgun Hobbyist magazine will be printed in full color and will concentrate more on reviews and “how to” articles, with stories by profesional airgun writers such as Jock Elliott and Rick Eustler. This issue includes articles on the Crosman Torrent, Hatsan Model 125 Sniper, Air Force TalonP and Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper.

Each issue is printed on high quality presentation paper, with an average of 52 full color pages for every issue. Publication dates are January, April, July and October every year.

Take advantage of the ease of ordering Airgun Hobbyist from Archer Airguns and your order - for an individual issue or annual subscription - will be fulfilled promptly by the Airgun Hobbyist team. All our prices include shipping to your address.


20 September, 2012

Rear Sight Fits Crosman 1322, 1377 and 2240 Pistols.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of customers, we've been able to confirm that the very popular Industry Brand Rear Field Sight fits perfectly onto a number of other airguns.

These include the Crosman 1322, 1377 and 2240 pistols fitted with steel Crosman factory breeches. You can see this sight on Archer Airguns Crosman 1377 parts page and also the Archer Airguns parts page for Crosman 2240 pistols.

Also the sight works with the Russian IZH-60 and IZH-61 air rifles.

And it fits the Industry Brand QB6 and various model B3 air rifles.

Here's a photograph of the Rear Field Sight fitted to Paul Manktelow's beautiful classic steel breech Crosman 1322 pistol:

The Industry Brand Rear Field Sight
offers precise click-adjustable elevation and windage adjustments. It's a nice sight - especially at the attractive price.

As the sight leaf screw used by the factory is too long (!) and can hinder mounting on scope rails, Archer Airguns is now supplying an additional screw that is the correct length - it just needs a dab of black paint if required to blend in. You can file or grind the factory screw down to fit, or use the replacement screw as you choose!


14 September, 2012

Xisico XS28M - Same Price in .25 caliber

We've answered a number of email questions recently about the Xisico XS28M air rifle - particularly in .25 caliber. This post aims to make the same information available to a broader audience.

This photo shows an XS28M scope combo with a Rex 4-16x40AO scope, UTG Weaver rail adapter and Weaver rings.

Question 1: Do you have the XS28M available from stock in all three calibers - .177, .22 and .25.
Answer: Yes.

Question 2: What is Archer Airguns' price for the basic XS28M (no scope)?
Answer: $149.99.

Question 3: Do you charge more for the .25 caliber model?
Answer: No. All three calibers are the same price, including .25 cal.

Question 4: What's .25 cal performance like?
Answer: Below is an example of "Gold Service" testing for the XS28M in.25 caliber. This gun looks beautiful, has excellent standard deviation (shot consistency) of just over 4 fps and has a nice trigger with a light pull of less than 3 lb. Accuracy is fine with The Peak .25 caliber pellets, but I'd also welcome reader's suggestions for pellets that they have found to work well in this gun. We're still gaining experience with this caliber...

As you can see, tested muzzle energy is in the 22 ft/lbs range. We're seeing muzzle energies with this gun from 21 ft/lbs up to 24/25 ft/lbs.

Actually, the breech seal of the tested gun felt to be a little low. This means that muzzle velocity and - hence - muzzle energy on this particular gun are almost certain to be significantly increased by installing the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles. The XMV Tune Kit also fits the XS28M and is an easy, low cost way to optimize the muzzle velocity of these air rifles.

I'd welcome input as to whether Archer Airguns should offer a service to install the XMV Tune Kit on Xisisco break barrel air rifles for our customers in future.


12 September, 2012

AR2078B Test Targets

It just occurred to me that we've not previously published a test target from an AR2078B air rifle. So this post is to correct that omission!

(The AR2078B is the version with the very slick side lever cocking lever - otherwise it's very similar to the more familiar AR2078A model).

Here is a very recent Gold Service test target for an AR2078B, together with the factory test target.

As you can see, my results demonstrated for this AR2078B almost exactly the same accuracy - even the same cloverleaf shape group - as the factory target, except for the one flyer that I knew was my fault as I pulled the trigger. (Don't you just hate those shots?).

At 1lb 5oz, trigger pull weight for the tested gun is a somewhat lighter than average for these guns out of the box (around 1 lb 8oz). This could be reduced further still using the easily-accessible trigger pull weight adjustment screw.

Muzzle velocity is at the normal level found for all QB78 family air rifles out of the box. About 600+fps in .177 caliber for 7.9 Grain "The Peak" wadcutter pellets at 65 degrees F. This matches the manufacturer's specifications: a very rare event in the airgun world!

The standard deviation was a little high on the example tested - it's normally more like 5 or 6 fps - due to the slow first couple of shots but that didn't seem to harm accuracy.

Overall, I'd say this represents excellent performance from an air rifle that's sold complete with target aperture peep sights for just over $200.00...

For those who prefer a high capacity CO2 paintball tank to power their target rifles, the AR2079B model provides the same performance but with the convenience of a many more shots per fill. Both models are in stock at Archer Airguns.


23 August, 2012

Recent Examples from the Archer Airguns Custom Shop

Here's a few recent examples of guns from the Archer Airguns QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop that we managed to snap before they escaped to their new owners!

They give a great idea of the options available for the QB78 and QB78 air rifles and show how you can create a really customized appearance for your individual air rifle.

Most Custom Shop models are specified with the Archer Airguns XP Tune Kit and XP Tuned Valve with HDD.

The first gun was specified with Archer Airguns unique left hand Weaver breech, the left hand 91/30 bolt handle and thumbhole stock. A carbine barrel with muzzle weight and mounted scope completes the package.

The next example also has a carbine barrel with a right hand Weaver breech and AR2078A stock with Archer Airguns Buttstock Extension Kit. Again the customer specified a mounted, sighted in scope, as you can see.

The third gun featured here is actually from the QB79 Custom Shop and shows the "sleeper" approach to design, with only a gold trigger blade showing that it's not a standard model.

How creative can you get with your Custom Shop project?


15 August, 2012

Xisico XS28M Now in .25 Caliber - and Pellets!

Recently in stock at Archer Airguns is the Xisico XS28M air rifle in .25 caliber. This magnum power air rifle has been unavailable for some time - now it's here and we're shipping them to customers who have waited patiently for availability. Thanks for your patience!

Of course, we have the XS28M available in a variety of scope combos also.

The muzzle energy of the .25 cal XS28Ms we've tested to date is in the 620 - 660 fps range with 25.1 Grain pellets. This is a very similar power level to that of the Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifles that we have factory refurbished in .25 caliber in our store. It's a power level that makes the XS28M very suitable for hunting varmints and small game.

As you may expect, the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles can be used to achieve to maximize muzzle velocity, if you wish. This typically brings muzzle velocity up into the 660 fps range.

To accompany the XS28M, we also have "The Peak" pointed pellets in .25 caliber available. These are available in individual tins and also in case packs at a great price.

Oh yes, we also have the XS28M in stock in .12 and .177 calibers also.

As many of you undoubtedly know, the XS28M air rifle is a very similar design to the RWS 350 Magnum and we've received some very positive customer comments comparing the XS28M to it's far more expensive German counterpart.


01 August, 2012

Archer Airguns Launches APG Rewards!

Starting today, customers shopping at Archer Pelletguns will receive reward points for purchases of qualifying products from our store. These rewards allow you to earn an incredible 10% back from purchases of scopes, pellets and accessories.

This is a HUGE level of reward points for customer loyalty that's unmatched in the airgun industry!

How APG Rewards add up for Qualifying Products:
For example, when you make a purchase for $50.00, you will earn 5,000 points. If you purchase $100.00, you will earn 10,000 points. ($1.00 = 100 points).

So what are Qualifying Products?
It's easy: you earn APG Rewards for everything you purchase in our store EXCEPT airguns/pellet guns and BB guns.

Do APG Rewards expire?
No, they are valid for ever.

Do I need to register to receive APG Rewards?
You are automatically elegible to receive APG Rewards when you register to make your first purchase in our store. Registering allows you to track your Rewards in your Account page.

When can I spend my Rewards?
You can redeem APG Rewards once you have just 75,000 Available Points in your account. This means you have $75.00 value in APG Rewards that you can redeem against any purchase in our store EXCEPT airguns/pellet guns and BB guns.

Want to learn more about APG Rewards?
For more APG Rewards information, simply click this link.

NOTE: APG Rewards are only earned and redeemed in the store. They can neither be earned, nor redeemed in the other Archer Airguns store at


24 July, 2012

Great New Leapers Adapter Sadly Doesn't Fit QB78

The new Leapers Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptor is a great little product that allows Weaver-style rings to be fitted to standard airgun rails.

But there's one problem. It does not provide sufficient clearance to work with airguns where there is a significant "hump" between the scope rails. It requires a flat - or nearly flat - area between the rails. This means, unfortunately, that it will not work with QB78 and QB79 air rifles. It does work with the AR2078, AR2078A, AR2078B and AR2079 models, however.

The Leapers product code for this adapter is MNT-DT2PW01.


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