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29 September, 2012

In Fall, Pellet Traps Spring to Mind!

Now that Fall is here, many airgunners start to make plans for indoor shooting ranges at home - in the basement or garage. And, of course, one essential requirement is a pellet trap to safely catch the pellets and prevent them from bouncing back out towards the shooter.

Archer Airguns has the best pellet traps available. They're craftsman-made right here in up-state New York from Oak and Poplar and there's a range of ready made and kit versions. These traps have a long history of satisfied users and are officially-licensed versions of Dr Joe Matusic's original design.

Below we see the Premium Silent Pellet Trap made of oak.

And here's a Classic Kit. It's supplied with full instructions and you can also follow along with the video instructions that are posted on YouTube.

Below we see a couple of assembled pellet traps made from Classic Silent Trap Kits. One is finished in black and has a handle added. The other is is "as assembled" and unfinished form.

All Archer Airguns pellet traps use electricians' Duct Seal as the material to actually stop the pellets. The Duct Seal stops the pellets and prevents that noisy, irritating "clang" that you find with metal pellet traps. That's why they're called "Silent" Pellet Traps. You can buy the Duct Seal from us, but it's usually cheaper to obtain it locally from the electrical aisle of Home Depot or an electrical specialist store. It's commonly sold in 1 lb bricks looking like this.

It's important to know that there's several types of material called "Duct Seal". There's also a Plumbers' Duct Seal. DON"T USE THIS!!! It's useless. Unlike electricians' duct seal, plumbers' duct seal is water-based. It warps the traps, doesn't stay in place and doesn't stop the pellets. But Lowes often tells customers this is what they need. It's not!

The wooden trap structure holds the Duct Seal and targets in place. As an insurance, many customers also like to add a solid steel backing plate behind the duct seal. This is intended as a "back stop" and is not a replacement for duct seal as the primary method of stopping the pellets - but it does add a considerable confidence factor in stopping the pellets, particularly if you're shooting a high powered air rifle.


24 September, 2012

Now you can buy Airgun Hobbyist Magazine from Archer Airguns!

Archer Airguns has teamed up with Airgun Hobbyist magazine to offer sales of subscriptions and single copies to a wider audience of airgun enthusiasts.

The new - October 2012 - issue will be mailed to subscribers this week. This issue is notable as it amounts to a re-launch of the only airgun magazine written and produced in the USA for American airgun enthusiasts.

From the October 2012 issue, Airgun Hobbyist magazine will be printed in full color and will concentrate more on reviews and “how to” articles, with stories by profesional airgun writers such as Jock Elliott and Rick Eustler. This issue includes articles on the Crosman Torrent, Hatsan Model 125 Sniper, Air Force TalonP and Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper.

Each issue is printed on high quality presentation paper, with an average of 52 full color pages for every issue. Publication dates are January, April, July and October every year.

Take advantage of the ease of ordering Airgun Hobbyist from Archer Airguns and your order - for an individual issue or annual subscription - will be fulfilled promptly by the Airgun Hobbyist team. All our prices include shipping to your address.


20 September, 2012

Rear Sight Fits Crosman 1322, 1377 and 2240 Pistols.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of customers, we've been able to confirm that the very popular Industry Brand Rear Field Sight fits perfectly onto a number of other airguns.

These include the Crosman 1322, 1377 and 2240 pistols fitted with steel Crosman factory breeches. You can see this sight on Archer Airguns Crosman 1377 parts page and also the Archer Airguns parts page for Crosman 2240 pistols.

Also the sight works with the Russian IZH-60 and IZH-61 air rifles.

And it fits the Industry Brand QB6 and various model B3 air rifles.

Here's a photograph of the Rear Field Sight fitted to Paul Manktelow's beautiful classic steel breech Crosman 1322 pistol:

The Industry Brand Rear Field Sight
offers precise click-adjustable elevation and windage adjustments. It's a nice sight - especially at the attractive price.

As the sight leaf screw used by the factory is too long (!) and can hinder mounting on scope rails, Archer Airguns is now supplying an additional screw that is the correct length - it just needs a dab of black paint if required to blend in. You can file or grind the factory screw down to fit, or use the replacement screw as you choose!


14 September, 2012

Xisico XS28M - Same Price in .25 caliber

We've answered a number of email questions recently about the Xisico XS28M air rifle - particularly in .25 caliber. This post aims to make the same information available to a broader audience.

This photo shows an XS28M scope combo with a Rex 4-16x40AO scope, UTG Weaver rail adapter and Weaver rings.

Question 1: Do you have the XS28M available from stock in all three calibers - .177, .22 and .25.
Answer: Yes.

Question 2: What is Archer Airguns' price for the basic XS28M (no scope)?
Answer: $149.99.

Question 3: Do you charge more for the .25 caliber model?
Answer: No. All three calibers are the same price, including .25 cal.

Question 4: What's .25 cal performance like?
Answer: Below is an example of "Gold Service" testing for the XS28M in.25 caliber. This gun looks beautiful, has excellent standard deviation (shot consistency) of just over 4 fps and has a nice trigger with a light pull of less than 3 lb. Accuracy is fine with The Peak .25 caliber pellets, but I'd also welcome reader's suggestions for pellets that they have found to work well in this gun. We're still gaining experience with this caliber...

As you can see, tested muzzle energy is in the 22 ft/lbs range. We're seeing muzzle energies with this gun from 21 ft/lbs up to 24/25 ft/lbs.

Actually, the breech seal of the tested gun felt to be a little low. This means that muzzle velocity and - hence - muzzle energy on this particular gun are almost certain to be significantly increased by installing the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles. The XMV Tune Kit also fits the XS28M and is an easy, low cost way to optimize the muzzle velocity of these air rifles.

I'd welcome input as to whether Archer Airguns should offer a service to install the XMV Tune Kit on Xisisco break barrel air rifles for our customers in future.


12 September, 2012

AR2078B Test Targets

It just occurred to me that we've not previously published a test target from an AR2078B air rifle. So this post is to correct that omission!

(The AR2078B is the version with the very slick side lever cocking lever - otherwise it's very similar to the more familiar AR2078A model).

Here is a very recent Gold Service test target for an AR2078B, together with the factory test target.

As you can see, my results demonstrated for this AR2078B almost exactly the same accuracy - even the same cloverleaf shape group - as the factory target, except for the one flyer that I knew was my fault as I pulled the trigger. (Don't you just hate those shots?).

At 1lb 5oz, trigger pull weight for the tested gun is a somewhat lighter than average for these guns out of the box (around 1 lb 8oz). This could be reduced further still using the easily-accessible trigger pull weight adjustment screw.

Muzzle velocity is at the normal level found for all QB78 family air rifles out of the box. About 600+fps in .177 caliber for 7.9 Grain "The Peak" wadcutter pellets at 65 degrees F. This matches the manufacturer's specifications: a very rare event in the airgun world!

The standard deviation was a little high on the example tested - it's normally more like 5 or 6 fps - due to the slow first couple of shots but that didn't seem to harm accuracy.

Overall, I'd say this represents excellent performance from an air rifle that's sold complete with target aperture peep sights for just over $200.00...

For those who prefer a high capacity CO2 paintball tank to power their target rifles, the AR2079B model provides the same performance but with the convenience of a many more shots per fill. Both models are in stock at Archer Airguns.


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