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12 September, 2012

AR2078B Test Targets

It just occurred to me that we've not previously published a test target from an AR2078B air rifle. So this post is to correct that omission!

(The AR2078B is the version with the very slick side lever cocking lever - otherwise it's very similar to the more familiar AR2078A model).

Here is a very recent Gold Service test target for an AR2078B, together with the factory test target.

As you can see, my results demonstrated for this AR2078B almost exactly the same accuracy - even the same cloverleaf shape group - as the factory target, except for the one flyer that I knew was my fault as I pulled the trigger. (Don't you just hate those shots?).

At 1lb 5oz, trigger pull weight for the tested gun is a somewhat lighter than average for these guns out of the box (around 1 lb 8oz). This could be reduced further still using the easily-accessible trigger pull weight adjustment screw.

Muzzle velocity is at the normal level found for all QB78 family air rifles out of the box. About 600+fps in .177 caliber for 7.9 Grain "The Peak" wadcutter pellets at 65 degrees F. This matches the manufacturer's specifications: a very rare event in the airgun world!

The standard deviation was a little high on the example tested - it's normally more like 5 or 6 fps - due to the slow first couple of shots but that didn't seem to harm accuracy.

Overall, I'd say this represents excellent performance from an air rifle that's sold complete with target aperture peep sights for just over $200.00...

For those who prefer a high capacity CO2 paintball tank to power their target rifles, the AR2079B model provides the same performance but with the convenience of a many more shots per fill. Both models are in stock at Archer Airguns.


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