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29 July, 2013

First Customer Video Review of QB79 Repeater

"Mrdeuceswild22" has posted the first of what he promises to be a series of independent reviews on his new QB79 Repeater air rifle.

You can see it on YouTube at

Or you can click through directly from here:

I'd like to thank "Mrdeuceswild22" for his positive review and look forward to whatever else he has to report in future. His video is entirely his own and he has no connection with Archer Airguns except as a customer.

The QB79 Repeater is a 10-shot, bolt action air rifle that uses widely available Benjamin Marauder magazines.


26 July, 2013

New Crosman Repair Kits and Hats - Yes, Crosman Hats!

New at Archer Airguns is a new parts kit that fits the Crosman 2240 air pistol and many other similar models such as the 2250. This Archer Airguns "2X" Seal and Valve Stem Kit for Crosman 2240 and 1740 Air Pistols contains two sets of seals and O rings, together with one valve stem assembly (Crosman Part 5520-016).

This is useful if you suspect that the valve stem seal is leaking (usually detected by leaking CO2 through the breech with the bolt open or the muzzle with the bolt closed). Bolt probe O rings are included for both .177 and .22 calibers in the same kit.

This photo shows the parts included.

We also have a return of the QB79 Tank Block Kit in its old version (two O ring) configuration. This version is preferred to the more recent 4 O ring version for some conversion applications.

The photo below shows the difference.

And, for the Crosman enthusiast, we have small numbers of genuine Crosman hats so that you can tell the world you love their products! There's red Crosman hats, white Crosman hats and Benjamin camo hats.

Take your pick!


23 July, 2013

Stoeger X20 Wood Combos Back In Stock - Test Targets Are Good.

We have just received another batch of Stoeger X20 wood stock scope combos in .22 caliber. These excellent air rifles are supplied with an excellent 3-9x40AO scope and a strong, one-piece mount. Archer Airguns ensures that the scopes are mounted and sighted-in correctly so that you can shoot this airgun straight out of the box.

And did I mention that we have them at a special price of just $159.99???

The X20 wood stock combo is excellent value for their price and are, in my opinion, unfairly overlooked by many buyers. They offer good build quality - both internal and external - together with easy cocking and accurate shooting, as the following Gold Service test targets show.

We also have the X20 combo with synthetic camo stocks.

Both Stoeger X20 models are available from Archer Airguns at much lower prices than many big box stores.

The only downside to these airguns is the somewhat heavy and gritty trigger.

But we have the solution for this too! It's the GTX Generation II trigger which transforms the performance of these air rifles when it's fitted instead of the factory trigger. Just go to the GTX product page and scroll down to read the enthusiastic customer comments.


19 July, 2013

The QB78 Repeater is now available and shipping.

Today, Archer Airguns began accepting orders for the QB78 Repeater and QB79 Repeater air rifles.

We're shipping three models and production is ramped up. These are:

- the QB78 Repeater Introductory Special in .22 caliber

- the QB79 Repeater in .22 caliber

- the QB78 Repeater Upgrade Kit in .22 caliber

More models and .177 caliber versions will become available shortly.

Also launched today was a new Archer Airguns YouTube video featuring, surprise, surprise, the QB78 Repeater! You can see it by clicking the link here. QB78 Repeater.

Youcan also see the video in the window below, but it doesn't display to the full width :-(

Already both kits and complete guns are going fast...


07 July, 2013

Archer Airguns Repair Center Provides Test Results

Every CO2 and PCP air rifle resealed by the Archer Airguns Repair Center is returned to its owner with a comprehensive repair docket signed by the repair specialist undertaking the reseal. This repair docket outlines every step of the repair that was undertaken, together with the results of the post-repair testing and comments on the internal state of the gun. A sample is shown above.

One interesting finding to date is the amount of corrosion being found during Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle repairs. Surprisingly, this is not corrosion to the gas tube, but is most usually most evident on the non-ferrous gauge block inside the tube. Conversations with owners strongly suggests that this corrosion is being caused by humidity in the fill air, usually by filling from a hand pump with no moisture trapping capability. In the worst cases, we have felt it best to replace parts because of this - with the customer's agreement, of course. All replaced seals and parts are returned with the resealed gun, giving the owner further confidence in the quality of the repair.

So, if you're filling your Benjamin Marauder from a hand pump, it's clearly the best policy to choose a pump having a moisture trapping capability, particularly if you live in a State that has high humidity levels in the air.

Archer Airguns is also an authorized Crosman Service Center specializing in repair services to Marauder, Discovery, and Challenger PCP air rifles.

Uniquely, Archer Airguns repair services can be ordered online without the need for tedious telephone calls and estimates. We offer transparent pricing and a guaranteed turnaround time for repairs.

The standard turnaround time is 15 working days (3 weeks), but if it’s vital you receive your airgun back as soon as possible, there’s also an Expedited Service option that provides a 10 working days (2 weeks) turnaround.

For full details, please check out the Airgun Repair Services section of our website.


01 July, 2013

QB78 Repeater Parts Manufacturing

Here's some photographs taken today of CNC parts manufacturing for the Archer Airguns QB78 Repeater and QB79 Repeater. These are all being manufactured here in Up-State New York to high quality standards. Once this first production run is completed, the parts will be black anodized and then assembled into Repeater Upgrade Kits and complete Repeaters.

Below, here's a CNC machine running Repeater breeches.

Above are some partially-machined breech blanks and, below, another tray of blanks...

Above is a bolt being machined and below we see some of the special, long, cocking pins used in the Repeater.

Below is a box of completed barrel bands, ready for black anodizing.

Initial availability is planned for around mid-July 2013, with a definite date to be announced very soon!


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