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06 May, 2015

Two Piece Bipod For Hatsan PCP Air Rifles

This two piece bipod fits perfectly onto Hatsan air rifles having Weaver/Picatinny side rails on the forend of the stock. The bipod legs can be extended to different lengths and folded back (or forward) for carrying.

This is a far superior solution compared to mounting a conventional bipod on the underside of the stock.

It fits Hatsan AT44-10 Tactical, Hatsan Galatian QE Synthetic, Hatsan BT65SB Elite etc. The photo above shows the bipod fitted to a Hatsan Galatian.

It will also fit other air rifles with Weaver/Picatinny side rails.

This bipod is manufactured by Stoeger Airguns, item number 90249. It's in stock at Archer Airguns!


30 April, 2015

New Parts Kits for Benjamin 392/397 Multi Pump Air Rifles.

Archer Airguns has introduced a new range of parts kits for Benjamin 392 and 397 multi pump air rifles. These kits make it easy to find the parts you need to repair or reseal an old Benjamin multi pump pellet gun.

The first products are a seal kit and a screw kit. There's also a replacement valve available.

These kits fit Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles manufactured since 1997 that have plastic trigger assemblies. They also fit “Phase 1” air rifles manufactured between 1995 and 1997 with the old style trigger.

These kits do not fit the old “soldered valve” models manufactured before 1995.

The Archer Airguns 2X Seal Kit for Benjamin 392 and 397 Air Rifles contains the following parts:

2 x Bolt probe O ring, .22 cal, Part 970-028
2 x Bolt Probe O ring, .177 cal, Part 397-062
2 x Valve O ring (front), Part JTX-080
2 x Valve O ring (inside), Part 397-037
1 x Check Valve, Part 1322-056
1 x Exhaust Valve Assembly, Part 397-038
2 x Valve O ring (rear), Part 397-036
1 x Piston pump cup/seal, Part 397-025

The Archer Airguns Screw Kit for Benjamin 392 and 397 Air Rifles contains:

2 x Windage Screw, Part 397-031
1 x Elevation Screw, Part 397-030
2 x Screw, Part 397-061
1 x Bolt Locking Lug, Part 397-044
2 x Screw, Part 38-117
2 x Cam Face Screw, Part 397-059
1 x Stock Screw, Part 397-041
1 x Stock Lug, Part 397-042

The Valve Assembly for Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles is a current production Crosman Part Number 397B032.

This valve fits most models manufactured since 1995, including the Phase 1 models, having a separate, non-soldered valve. Generally, if your air rifle has a plastic trigger and trigger guard, this valve will fit. This valve can be used as a direct replacement for valves with part numbers 397A032 and 397-032.


27 April, 2015

Silver Service Testing Now Free on QB78 Air Rifles. A $9.99 Value.

Don’t buy a QB78-type air rifle without a leak test!

As from 27 April 2015, Archer Airguns includes its famous Silver Service testing FREE with every QB78-type air rifle - a $9.99 value! This unique offer means that you save money and are assured that the gun you receive will not leak “out of the box”.

This additional value offer applies to QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078, AR2079, QB78 Repeater and QB79 Repeater air rifles purchased from Archer Airguns.

Of course, Gold Service testing remains available if you want a full, documented shooting test of your new air rifle before it’s shipped to you.


27 March, 2015

Beeman QB78? It's going to happen!

Here's the official statement about a name change coming for QB78 family air rifles.

S/R Industries, the owner of the Marksman/Beeman brands and subsidiary of SAG (Shanghai Airgun Company), the owner of Industry Brand, announce that their range of CO2-powered air rifles will henceforth be sold under the Beeman brand and no longer as Industry Brand products.

Specifically, this Beeman QB78 air rifle branding change affects the following CO2-powered air rifles: QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078A and AR2079A.

The reasons for this change are two-fold:

1. The renewed popularity of these air rifles.

2. To develop a more consistent brand story.

S/R Industries plans a rolling change from Industry Brand to Beeman QB78 air rifle branding, the timing will be as inventory of Industry Brand products has been depleted.

The initial inventory of Beeman-branded products will be in brown boxes with the product having the Beeman logo. Subsequent products will come in retail packaging.

Archer Airguns knows of no change to the air rifles themselves, the only change is branding. My guess is that it could take some months for this branding change to be implemented.


02 March, 2015

Some Long Lost Friends Back in Stock!

After a long break, I'm pleased - and relieved - to be able to say that we have a number of sought-after products back in stock at Archer Airguns.

Among the highlights are the re-appearance of QB57 complete barrel assemblies.

These are available in both .177 caliber and .22 cal. Any QB57 can be used with a barrel of "the other" caliber from its original condition and this makes it ideal for those of us who like to have an air rifle in two different calibers. You can see them here:

Of course, a great benefit to the QB57 is that the sights and/or scope are mounted on the barrel assembly. This means that the barrel can be removed and replaced on the gun as many times as you like and it still holds zero. This is about the only air rifle I know that has this great benefit. As the QB57 has a "takedown" configuration, that's a particularly valuable benefit.

Also back again after years - literally - are the RAP4 On/Offs with Gauge. This product can be attached to a CO2 tank, or the Ninja HPA Regulated Tank we sell for the QB79, and allows the tank to be removed from the air rifle without the need for depressurization.

Click here to see the RAP4 On/Off With Gauge.

More useful RAP4 products for the QB79 are the adapters for using one 12 Gram CO2 Powerlet with these guns...

And also the adapter that allows you to use 2 x 12 Gram Powerlets on the QB79.

Lots of you have been asking for these products, so I'm very pleased to be able to tell you that they're back.


08 February, 2015

Fiber Optic Front Sight Repair Kit Fits Many Air Rifles.

New at Archer Airguns is a repair kit for fiber optic front sights.

If you have broken fiber optic front sights or are worried about them breaking, this kit could be for you!

This repair kit provides parts and instructions for repairing broken fiber optic front sight elements on many air rifles. It has been tested to work with most Umarex air rifles such as the Octane, with most Ruger air rifles including the Air Hawk, with Beeman RS-2 air rifles and many Crosman air rifles such as the Optimus and 760 models. It also fits the QB78 Deluxe.

The photo below shows the typical appearance of front sights that can be repaired with this kit.

Nine fiber optic rods are included as - given the exposed nature of these front sights - it’s likely that their fiber optic elements will be broken repeatedly!

The high quality fiber optic rods included in this kit are much brighter than the factory originals. They also make it possible for you to change the color of a fiber optic front sight if you don’t like the factory color. Red, orange and green rods all are included in this kit.

Note that each rod will be suitable for making two repairs on short front sights, such as those fitted to the Ruger Air Hawk and Beeman RS2 air rifles.

The only tools required are a controllable heat source, such as a lighter, and small end cutters.

With the Archer Airguns Repair Kit for Fiber Optic Front Sights, you will be able to change quickly and easily from this...

to this, with bright red, green or orange fiber optic elements.


06 February, 2015

QB78 and QB78 Deluxe Back in Stock Again.

Thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently!

QB78 and QB78 Deluxe air rifles are now back in stock at

The QB78 Repeater is also available again at

We have all these models available in both .177 and .22 calibers.

I apologize to everyone who has been waiting. The reason for the delay is this...

We sold out of all supplies of these models in the rush before Christmas. This should not have been a problem as we had placed orders for more supplies in the Fall. However a short delay in production by the factory was compounded by a HUGE delay caused by the port strike (or whatever's happening there) at Los Angeles. The container containing our guns was stuck in the port for nearly 2 months, so the QB78s only arrived here yesterday.

We also have plentiful supplies of the ever-popular QF-2 Cleaning and Parts Kits for B3 air rifles.

Welcome back to the QB78!


14 January, 2015

Hard Air Magazine Has Much Pre-Show News for the 2015 SHOT Show.

Check back frequently to Hard Air Magazine for all the latest pre-show news!

HAM will also be reporting on airgun developments at the 2015 SHOT Show, which runs from January 20 to 23 in Las Vegas.


11 January, 2015

New Bore Whips now available in .22 Cal

Finally, Bore-Whips cleaning pull throughs are now available in .22 caliber.

Price for the .22 Caliber Bore-Whips is the same as for the .177 caliber version and they work just as well, but they're green instead of orange so that we won't get them confused!

Also like the .177 version, the .22 Caliber Bore Whips can be left in the barrel as a safety indicator, showing that your air rifle is "safe" and cannot be fired.

Bore-Whips make an ideal cleaning solution for airguns. They clean the bore well, without the risk of damage that can occur to shallow, fragile airgun rifling if too aggressive cleaning with a metal brush is undertaken.


09 January, 2015

Genuine Benjamin Air Rifle Slings Now Available

Wow!!! Apologies for the long time since the last post. The Christmas rush was incredible and it lasted into January...

We also have some new products added to the Archer Airguns online store, one of which is a genuine Benjamin air rifle sling.

This Benjamin sling fits directly to Benjamin break barrel air rifles featuring a forward loop mount and rear swivel base.

Constructed of 1-inch wide black synthetic webbing with a wide padded section bearing the Benjamin logo. This sling makes carrying an air rifle in the field much easier and safer.

The Benjamin air rifle sling can be used with Marauder air rifles with the addition of a set of 1-inch sling swivels. (Actually, you only need one sling swivel as one is supplied with this sling).

There's more new stuff coming shortly. Thanks for your patience!


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