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30 March, 2011

AR2078 Improvements and Accuracy Comparison with Daisy 953

Archer Airguns customer Kevin Cuyler sent some useful ideas and information about his new AR2078, which he describes as "as beautiful rifle and easy to operate".

First, Kevin addressed the issue that the peep sights on the AR2078 have their "up, down, left right" indications stamped in Chinese characters only. To make it easier to remember which way to turn the turrets, Kevin filled the directional arrows with red and green paint - thus providing an easy way to manage that issue. He also fitted home-made plastic occluders that are fitted to the peep sight with Velcro and aid target concentration when shooting.

Kevin also tested accuracy of the AR2078 against his Avanti 953 with the results shown below. You can also see the patches that Kevin used in cleaning the barrels of both these air rifles. He was concerned that the patches from his new AR2078 were dirty and a suspicious orange (=rust?) color. But I was able to reassure him that the barrels on all Shanghai air rifles are treated with a preservative liquid before shipment to prevent rust until use. That's a great idea from the factory, but the material they use is rather hard to remove and is rust-colored! I do give the barrels a quick clean as part of our "Gold Service", but it's very persistent, as you can see. Anyhow, it cleans, or shoots, out after a time and it's certainly not rust!

You can see that Kevin's a great shot and why he's pleased with both air rifles! He has a number of "comfort mods" in the works for making his AR2078 easier to use and, hopefully, he'll share them with us in future....


23 March, 2011

Get That Cool "Sightless" Look for your Stoeger Air Rifle

Many of our customers don't see the need to keep the iron sights on their Stoeger Air rifles which are permanently fitted with scopes. So, to help, we have two parts kits that are very useful!

One is a genuine replacement Stoeger muzzle brake/cocking grip (Stoeger Part 382010). This replaces the standard muzzle brake/front sight assembly on the Stoeger X5, X10 and X20 air rifles and gives a clean, sleek look to the muzzle of these guns. (It also removes any chance of that annoying front sight "shadow" that is sometimes visible through the scope).

This photo shows the alternative muzzle brake assemblies.

Removing the factory front sight/muzzle brake/cocking grip assembly is easy. First remove the Allen key in the underside of the assembly (you'll need a metric 2mm Allen wrench for this), then drive the assembly forward off of the barrel using a piece of wood and hammer. The assembly is a push fit and parts company from the barrel easily.

Having removed the front sight by this change, it's logical to also remove the rear iron sight. This is easily done, but unfortunately there's a row of holes left in the top of the barrel assembly that's somewhat unsightly. Enter the Archer Airguns Rear Sight Blanking Kit for Stoeger X5/10/20/50!

The above photo shows the setscrews and cap in place on an X5 barrel assembly.

This simple kit provides setscrews and caps to fill those unsightly holes once the rear sight is no longer present. It also includes a spare of each setscrew and cap, and also an Allen wrench that also fits the muzzle brake/cocking grip setscrew.

Removing the iron sights from your Stoeger airgun and replacing them with these two kits will transform the appearance of your air rifle!


New Pellet Trap Uses Crosman Target Block

Now on the Archer Airguns site is a new concept for a pellet trap. This uses the popular Crosman Target Block that's widely available and provides both a wooden holder and metal backing plate for use with it.

The holder fits around the Crosman target block and gives it more stability, so that it does not tend to move about when hit by pellets. The steel backing plate is available to provide a second line of defense, stopping pellets that might shoot right through the Target Block. Remember that Crosman rates this Target Block for muzzle velocities up to 700fps only, but it does work well with BBs as well as pellets.

This is a different concept for a pellet trap to catch the pellets quietly and prevent them flying back everywhere. It gives a lower overall cost than our traditional "Silent" Pellet Traps, but still offers many benefits.

Of course, the existing Archer Airguns range of "Silent" Pellet Traps remains available, as they accept larger target faces and can deal with pellets fired at much higher muzzle velocities.


20 March, 2011

New Video Explains How The RateAGun(TM) Score Works

Thanks to all those who have sent us positive emails about the RateAGun(TM) score. Here's another video that explains more about how it works and the way in which you can use the RateAGun(TM) score to help choose the best air rifle for you.

Enjoy :-)


12 March, 2011

New Archer Video Helps You Choose The Best Air Rifle

Just added to the Archer Airguns YouTube channel is a new video that aims to help newcomers choose the best air rifle for immediate success. This video highlights Stephen Archer's unique RateAGun (TM) score that enables you to compare and contrast how easy it is to shoot different air rifles. You can see a huge range of pellet rifles - all with RateAGun scores - in our new on-line store at

I hope that you will find the RateAGun concept useful and recommend it to your friends :-)


02 March, 2011 - a new way to buy air rifles!

Just launched today is the new Archer Airguns store,

Our new store carries a full range of air rifles, scopes, pellets and accesories. It's also the home of the RateAGun(TM) score, the best way for a new pellet rifle purchaser to choose the gun that's best for them.

Every air rifle on the site carries a RateAGun (TM) score. This score is designed to help newcomers to our sport make the best choice in their new pellet gun. A low score means the gun's easy to use. A high score doesn't mean that the gun is bad, but it does indicate that some special skill or knowledge may be required to shoot it well.

The RateAGun(TM) score is the first time that anyone in the airgun industry has produced such a comprehensive system of guidance for new shooters and I hope that it will be useful.

A new shooter who finds it easy and enjoyable to shoot her pellet gun will continue to shoot and enjoy our interest. Someone who buys an unsuitable gun probably shoots it a few times, doesn't enjoy the experience and then puts the gun away for ever, thinking that all air rifles are just as bad. This person is lost to our sport for ever and I'd like to stop that...

And there's an on-line RateAGun(TM) score calculator that allows a huge number of air rifles to be compared, both with and without scopes. Just adding a suitable scope makes a significant improvement to a gun's RateAGun (TM) score. Try it and let me know what you think!

You can post comments on this blog, or on our RateAGun Facebook page.
Of course, our specialist store continues as the premier on-line location for QB78 family and Stoeger air rifles.


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