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23 March, 2011

New Pellet Trap Uses Crosman Target Block

Now on the Archer Airguns site is a new concept for a pellet trap. This uses the popular Crosman Target Block that's widely available and provides both a wooden holder and metal backing plate for use with it.

The holder fits around the Crosman target block and gives it more stability, so that it does not tend to move about when hit by pellets. The steel backing plate is available to provide a second line of defense, stopping pellets that might shoot right through the Target Block. Remember that Crosman rates this Target Block for muzzle velocities up to 700fps only, but it does work well with BBs as well as pellets.

This is a different concept for a pellet trap to catch the pellets quietly and prevent them flying back everywhere. It gives a lower overall cost than our traditional "Silent" Pellet Traps, but still offers many benefits.

Of course, the existing Archer Airguns range of "Silent" Pellet Traps remains available, as they accept larger target faces and can deal with pellets fired at much higher muzzle velocities.


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