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25 October, 2014

Improved Open Sights Fitted to QB78 Repeater by Customer

Archer Airguns customer Ron R. was disappointed that his QB78 Repeater was not fitted with open sights. The latest batch of .22 caliber QB78 Repeaters is fitted with 15mm diameter barrels and muzzle brakes, instead of 14mm barrels and open sights.

So he decided to install an Industry Brand Rear Field Sight on the Repeater breech and a QB78 Deluxe fiber optic front sight on the muzzle brake.

As neither of these parts is an exact "drop in" fit, Ron made a little project of this, with good results as you can see.

The Rear Field Sight required some work with a triangular needle file so that it would fit the contours of the QB78 Repeater breech.

For the front sight, Ron used the technique shown in this YouTube video, but applied it to the front sight matching the muzzle weight, instead of a rear sight to the breech as shown.

Ron, Thank you! I'm glad that you were successful with this project :-)


18 October, 2014

Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle Test Review Published in Hard Air Magazine

The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle is the latest airgun test review published by Hard Air Magazine (HAM).

This test reviews shows that he Gamo Whisper G2 does many things well. It's accurate, consistent, light and fairly easy to shoot for a spring/piston air rifle of this power.

HAM recorded a maximum of 1162 FPS with 5.56 grain H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellets, giving 16.68 Ft/Lbs of muzzle energy.

Accuracy was very good or excellent with 6 out of the 7 standard HAM test pellets. The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle tested by HAM performed well with all pellets except the RWS Hobbys. This gun is not pellet picky.

The main opportunity for improvement is in the bundled scope. This does not match the quality of the air rifle itself. Do yourself a favor and replace it with a superior quality scope that will be a better match for the quality of the gun. You'll probably see a considerable improvement in practical accuracy as a result.

While knowledgeable airgunners will value the Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle for its accuracy and consistent performance, the overwhelming majority of buyers for this air rifle are not airgun experts and will buy it based on the marketing claims. Both groups will probably feel that they made a good decision!

You can read the Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle test review in Hard Air Magazine.

Please note that Hard Air Magazine is published by Archer Airguns but is run independently of our store.


16 October, 2014

New Benjamin Marauder Parts Kits From Archer Airguns.

In the past few weeks, Archer Airguns has added a number of new products to it's increasing coverage of Benjamin Marauder parts kits. These new kits are for the Marauder air rifle, some of them are listed here for your interest...

Now we have complete Crosman factory valves for the .25 cal Marauder air rifle. These valves can also be used in the .22 and .177 cal Marauder air rifles as a way to increase the muzzle velocity of the gun- although of course, they suck up a LOT more air with every shot and your shot count will fall.

The .25 cal valve should be used with the corresponding high flow transfer port sleeve. These Marauder high flow transfer port sleeves are also now available.

Also new are Marauder air rifle screw kits. These fit the "first generation" Marauder air rifles. Yes, I know that we mentioned them before, but here's a second airing as they are proving very popular with Marauder parts buyers!

Marauder Screw Kit A includes many of the "internal" screws for the Mrod. including:
4 x Trigger Side Plate Screws, Part 1763-056
4 x Trigger Assembly Retaining Screws, Part 1763-035
1 x Hammer Setscrew, Part 1763-022
1 x Bolt Catch Retaining Screw, Part 1763-024
3 x Valve Securing Screws, Part 1763-019

Marauder Screw Kit B has a number of the most useful "external" screws for original Marauder air rifles, including:
2 x Breech Locating Screws, Part 1763-027
1 x Stock Screw (blued) Screw, Part 1763-029
2 x Barrel Band Screw, Part 1763-023
2 x Barrel Setscrews, Part 1763-021
1 x Shroud Setscrew, Part 88-089

And don't forget Archer Airguns aftermarket single shot trays for the Benjamin Marauder air rifle! These are available for all three calibers and you can see more details here.


11 October, 2014

Cock on Opening Mod Kit Now Available for QB78 Type Air Rifles.

New from Archer Airguns is an upgrade kit that converts QB78, QB79, Tech Force 78 and TF79 models to cock on opening operation.

This upgrade can be installed on new QB78, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A and AR2079 air rifles purchased from Archer Airguns. Alternatively it can be purchased in "kit only" form for you to install on your own air rifle. Full instructions are included in the kit and the photographs here will also help.

Many QB78 shooters have always wanted a "cock on opening" version of their air rifles, but previously this has been available only as a specialist conversion from dedicated airgun tuners. The big issue is that the QB78 hammer needs to be drilled for revised placement of the hammer pin - and it's INCREDIBLY hard!

Archer Airguns has made a "production" cock on opening conversion kit available for the first time ever. Installation is a simple drop in process, as can be seen from the photographs below.

In addition, the Archer Airguns cock on opening conversion kit also minimizes the problem with previous cock on opening mods in that it's very easy to load pellets. There's still 13/32-inch available for pellet loading, as the photograph below shows.

This kit also fits the Crosman 160 and is also the first time - to my knowledge - that a cock on opening kit has been made available for that classic old air rifle.


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