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30 March, 2014

Archer Airguns Offers Left Handed Bolt Handle Conversion Service for Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles.

If you have a NEW MODEL - "Synrod" - Benjamin Marauder airgun (Models BP1764S, BP2264S, BP2564S, BP1764W, BP2264W or BP2564W) Archer Airguns can now convert it to left hand bolt operation. As a factory-trained, authorized Crosman Repair Center, Archer Airguns can convert your Marauder to left handed bolt operation while retaining the factory warranty.

Above and below are photos of the Marauder air rifle with left handed bolt handle conversion.

After conversion, your air rifle will be test fired to confirm correct operation before the gun is shipped back to you. Return shipping cost will automatically be calculated when you order, based on your location and shipping choice. Your gun will be returned with insured shipping and signature confirmation required for delivery.

Archer Airguns is also offering new Benjamin Marauder air rifles with the left handed bolt conversion undertaken as an option before the gun is shipped to you. You can see these models on Archer Airguns PCP Air Rifles page. Again the Crosman factory warranty is maintained with this conversion.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE DOES NOT APPLY TO "FIRST GENERATION" MARAUDER AIR RIFLES (Models BP1763, BP2263 and BP2563) as they do not have left handed bolt operation capability.


25 March, 2014

Airgun Hobbyist April 2014 Issue Available This Week.

The latest issue of Airgun Hobbyist magazine will be shipping out to subscribers this week.

The latest issue includes comprehensive coverage of the 2014 SHOT Show as well as the following reviews:

- Hatsan Galatian

- Remington Express

- Umarex Legends C96

- Three new survival rifles from AirForce

There's also features on hunting squirrels with airguns, hunting with the Hatsan BT-65, "coming soon" from Hatsan USA and much more...

Subscriptions or single issues of Airgun Hobbyist Magazine are available from Archer Airguns.


16 March, 2014

2240 Custom Wood Grips Are Back!

Our first batch of custom wood pistol grips sold out very rapidly- much more so that we had planned. But now we are have a fresh batch of ambidextrous wood grips for the Crosman 2240 and similar air pistols in the two most popular woods - walnut and curly maple.

As a reminder, these grips are beautifully CNC-manufactured from selected wood. They are thicker and "fuller" than the standard Crosman plastic grips so as to be more comfortable for larger hands. The checkering helps achieve a secure grip but is not overly aggressive. The design is ambidextrous.

Here's some of the grips midway through the manufacturing process:

The 2240 walnut pistol grips look like this:

The 2240 curly maple grips look like this:

As always, please remember that these grips are made from real tree wood and so each one will have a slightly different grain, pattern and color to the wood. Our photographs are representative of general production.


08 March, 2014

Manuel's QB79 Project.

Today's post is from Archer Airguns customer Manuel. He writes...


Recently you sold me a new long tube, a tube cap, seals and a strap assembly to modify a leaking QB79 air rifle.  I wanted to bring it back to a QB78 style.

You were right, it was a nice project, and it came out perfect.  Here a few pictures of the modification I made.  The stock is from a 13 year old QB78; there was nice wood under the original paint.  The scope is an inexpensive 3-7X20mm.  The picture of the targets reflects six 10 shot groups at 55 feet (my back yard width) at 63 degrees; 65 total useable shots; the bottom 5 are the last of the CO2.

I am very happy with the results; I love the QB78!

Thank you,

Maunel, Thank you! And that's some excellent shooting!


05 March, 2014

At Last! Bipod, Sling and Sling Stud Available for Stoeger ATAC Air Rifles.

Now available for the Stoeger ATAC air rifle are the long-awaited bipod, sling and sling stud accessories.

The Stoeger ATAC Bipod fits onto the Weaver rails either side of the stock forend. It comprises two separate legs which are rubber tipped and adjustable for length.

Our photograph shows two different views of the bipod legs - both legs are the same.

One end of the black, synthetic sling attaches to the slot in the side of the ATAC's buttstock spacer. The other is fitted into the sling swivel which is attached to the Weaver rail on one side of the forend. Archer Airguns is selling the ATAC sling and sling stud together as a combined product as they obviously are meant for each other!

The ATAC bipod is Stoeger Airguns Item Number 90249. The ATAC sling and sling stud are Stoeger Airguns Item Numbers 90248 and 90230.


01 March, 2014

New Low Cost Adjustable Buttplate for Benjamin Marauder Gives Improved Cheek Weld.

For those of you wanting a low cost solution to improving cheek weld with the first generation Benjamin Marauder air rifles, this new Marauder adjustable buttplate may be of interest.

This kit is a direct replacement for the factory rubber buttpad on the original Marauders (Models BP1763, BP2263 and BP2563). It just screws on. Our testing has found that it gives much improved cheek weld - and hence enhanced practical accuracy when shooting.

Here's some photos.

Please note that the original buttpad is attached to the stock before the wood is finish sanded. Obviously our adjustable buttplate for Marauder cannot benefit from such treatment and so there will inevitably be a small mis-match against the profile of the wood - as is the case with other aftermarket buttplates. But, the match is actually very good and it's most of our testers have found it very acceptable. The photos give a good idea of this.

And the price? It's just $19.99. Definitely very acceptable!


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