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31 December, 2013

Customer Test Target from QB79 Air Rifle

The following message comes from Wesley and is posted here with his permission.

Wesley writes...

"Here is a photograph of the accuracy of a QB79 .22 caliber. The gun was sighted in at 25 yards by me using Crosman HPs and a fixed 4 x 32 AO Winchester scope. The target was shot by me from a bench at 10 yds. Center to center group was three shots with CHSs to see where the pellets hit at 10 yards.

Top left Gamo 15.21 gr pointed 5 shots. Top right JSB Exact 15.6 gr dome 5 shots and lower right was H&N 12.65 gr Hp also 5 shots.

Archer Airguns built this gun for me in November with XP Tune Kit, tuned valve, HDD. You can always spend more, but for me you won't get better."

Click the image for a larger view of Wesley's test target.

Wesley, thanks for your comments. That's great shooting!

Note, Wesley ordered his gun through Archer Airguns QB79 Custom Shop.


28 December, 2013

January 2014 Airgun Hobbyist Magazine Preview

This next issue of Airgun Hobbyist magazine will be shipping from 1 January, 2014 - subscribers should receive their copies about a week later, as usual.

The contents of this issue are exciting and include reviews of the following airguns:
- Evanix GTL380S
- Cometa Indian
- Winchrster M14
- Umarex Octane
- Hatsan Model 25 and Super Tact
- Rapid Air Weapons TM1000

There's also an article titled "What IS that air rifle" about the QB57.

Further topics include no less than three articles on Field Target and a look inside the Umarex USA complex. And there's more yet...

You can order this copy, or subscribe to Airgun Hobbyist magazine from this link.


25 December, 2013

Improving the Beeman RS2. Barrel, Trigger and Gas Ram Upgrades.

Blog reader Paul Mattoon is interested to share share the processes by which he has modified and improved the quality of his Beeman RS2 air rifle. Paul writes...

"I know that there is very little information regarding the RS2 rifle, and what is available is not necessarily focused on improvements or modifications. So far I have done the following modifications to my RS2:

* Cut, choke, and re-crowned the barrel.
* Deburred the (3rd generation) trigger sears, added shims, and reshaped the trigger for more responsive action and feel.
* Honed and deglazed the compression chamber for a better piston seal/cylinder interface.
* Added a "dimple" in the rear of the receiver tube for the use of the Hammers scope mount stop pin; works in conjunction with the beeman scope stop= no scope movement.
* Modification of the trigger housing to accommodate the use of the Crosman Trail NP nitrogen piston "gas ram".
* Modification of the gas ram for proper fitment.
* Chamfering the anterior end of the transfer port to reduce turbulence behind the pellet. 
* Heat shrinking the main spring, polishing/deburring spring ends for less recoil (pre gas ram installation).

These processes have also made it necessary to re-blue some of the parts. In addition, I have found several lubricants for specific uses that can be purchased in commonly found stores, which eliminate the need to "special order" tuning lubricants. 

Attached is a photo of my Beeman RS2 (top) and a 1990 RWS Diana 34.

The Diana was given to me in a terrible state. It had rusting and pitting on the exterior, a bent barrel and spring, dry rotted stock butt, cracked piston, and a malfunctioning trigger. I have completely restored the rifle which includes installing (with modification) a Crosman Optimus .22 barrel, welding and sleeving the cracked piston, tuning the spring ends/adhering heat shrink tubing for a proper fit, honing the compression chamber, tuning/rebuilding the T01 trigger, re-bluing all of the metal, re-finishing the stock, and fabricating a custom rubber butt plate.

I plan to document and share the processes in which I have modified and improved the quality of my rifle and hope to share it with you in this blog."

Paul, thanks for your post. I look forward to reading more about this project in 2014!


22 December, 2013

New Stoeger Airguns Website Goes Live

Stoeger Airguns has introduced a radical improvement in it's online presence with a complete new Stoeger Airguns website.

This website is very professionally produced as these screen grabs show. First, the Home page.

Here we see a sample product page.

And here's the support area, with parts diagrams for several of the models.

Also, there's a direct link to the Stoeger Airguns YouTube Channel, which makes that much more accessible.

Of course, Archer Airguns specializes in Stoeger Airguns and we have a range of spare parts available, too, as the official US parts supplier for Stoeger Airguns.


08 December, 2013

Scope Upgrade for Ignite Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle

The Ignite Black Ops Sniper air rifle is a great airgun. But - like many air rifles that are supplied with a bundled scope - the 4 x 32 scope supplied with it is by far the weakest link in the whole outfit. This Hammers 3-9 x 40AO scope upgrade is a great value that will that will transform your shooting when installed on the Black Ops Sniper airgun.

Compared to the 4 x 32 scope and rings included in the box with the Ignite Black Ops Sniper air rifle, this upgrade offers the following great benefits that will increase your chances of shooting accurately with your airgun:

- Zoom scope gives a range of magnifications (3 -9 x), allowing you to make your target appear larger (and easier to hit!).

- Improved optical quality gives a sharper image.

- AO (Adjustable Objective) capability allows the scope to be focused sharply down to close distances (5 yards).

- Mil dot reticle makes immediate corrections for range and wind easy to do.

- Easier adjustment of elevation and windage as no tool is required to turn the turrets.

- Larger objective lens give a brighter image in low light conditions.

Minimum focusing distance is 5 yards with Adjustable Objective (AO) focusing.

Finished in adonized matt black with a bright, sharp image, this scope has a black "mil dot" reticle that's very beneficial for airgun use.

You simply mount this Hammers scope into the rings that were supplied with the Black Ops Sniper air rifle and sight it in.

A one piece airgun mount is included with the Hammers scope. This does NOT fit the Weaver rails on the Black Ops air rifle, but you can use it on other airguns that use standard airgun rails.

Hammers products have a limited lifetime warranty which is provided by the US importers, Wing-Sun Trading of La Mirada CA.


01 December, 2013

Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit Also Fits the Umarex Octane.

In answer to several emails, I can confirm that the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit fits the Umarex Octane airgun, in addition to the Ruger Blackhawk, Ruger Air Hawk and Ruger Air magnum air rifles.

The XMV Tune Kit provides high quality replacement breech seals for these air rifles, together with three precision stainless steel shims that can be used to precisely set the position of the breech seal for optimum performance. Even more important, it also gives comprehensive, yet simple, instructions for determining if your air rifle needs its breech seal shimmed as well as how to undertake this simple upgrade.

As you would expect, Archer Airguns XMV Tune and Pellet Kit also works with the Umarex Octane, although just in .177 caliber as that is the caliber of the pellets supplied in this kit.

Click here for a complete free eBook available that describes both kits and how they can be used to improve the performance of your Umarex Octane air rifle - as well as the Ruger airguns.


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