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20 June, 2009

The QB78 Carbine is Back - and Better!

The CAR78a - Archer Airguns’ QB78 carbine is now available again, with dramatically increased muzzle velocity and other improvements.

So what’s new?

Well, this new QB78 carbine is only 35-inches long, that’s 1 1/2-inches shorter than the previous version and a full 4 1/2-inches shorter than the standard factory QB78. It also incorporates our new muzzle brake which has a beautiful deep blued finish and fits deeper onto the end of the barrel - hence the length reduction.

But the big news is the higher muzzle velocity. The carbine now shoots to the same specs as the full-length QB78. That’s around 600fps in .177 cal and 500fps in .22, both at 65 degrees F. Like all CO2 guns, the muzzle velocity increases with temperature and these specs mean you will see around 640fps for .177s and 540fps for .22s at 85 degrees F.

This muzzle velocity increase is achieved by using an improved breech seal to overcome the unintentional velocity restriction caused by the standard factory part. (See our YouTube video on how to make this change yourself) The shorter barrel reduces muzzle velocity, but the breech seal brings it back up again. The previous version of the carbine had a 10% lower muzzle velocity because of this reason.

And again, accuracy is - if anything - superior to the QB78 in standard factory trim. This is due to the solid steel muzzle brake, which dampens barrel vibration when shooting.

The stock is from the QB78 Deluxe - Chinese wood is getting better all the time and these stocks look good, many having some nice grain and/or figuring to the wood.

There's no iron sights on this rifle, so fit a compact optical sight such as the Leapers "Bugbuster" or red/green dot scope, such as the one we're used for the photograph. Of course, these are an additional cost item!

This new QB78 carbine is now available in both calibers at our store. Have fun and enjoy the great handling it provides.


18 June, 2009

How Do I Use The De-Gassing Key on My AR2078A Air Rifle?

The instruction manual that accompanies the AR2078 and AR2078A air rifles gives an explanation of this, but unfortunately something was lost in the translation and it’s not easy to understand. Fortunately it’s easy to do and works well.

The de-gassing key is used to exhaust the remaining CO2 from an AR2078 or AR2078A air rifle after the point of impact begins to drop as the gas is shot from the gun. Of course you can “shoot the gun dry” by simply cocking and firing it without pellets - this is the normal method for those QB78 family models without the de-gassing facility, such as the QB78 Deluxe and the standard QB78.

But the de-gassing key offers a much easier, faster and more convenient way to empty your AR2078 or AR2078A air rifle of gas.

First cock the bolt, do NOT load a pellet but pull the trigger.
Now insert the de-gassing key through the keyhole in the side of the stock. Rotate it counter-clockwise 180 degrees and the key will open the valve by camming the hammer forward against the valve stem. The CO2 exhausts through the muzzle.
Once no more gas escapes the barrel the gun is empty of CO2 and you can re-fill as normal for more shooting, or leave empty for storage.

That’s it!


06 June, 2009

Workshop Videos and Manual for QB78

We now have two workshop videos available on YouTube showing simple modifications or repairs to the QB78 family of air rifles. Just click on the thumbnails in the left column of this blog to view. I hope that you like them!

But for those who want to go further, there's a whole lot more information available in our QB78 Family Workshop Manual. This 88-page book covers just about everything you wanted to know about these air rifles. And, unlike those other workshop manuals that unhelpfully tell you that "reassembly is the reverse of disassambly", we actually describe how to put the gun back together and test that it works.

You can discover more about our Workshop Manual on our store site.


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