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18 June, 2009

How Do I Use The De-Gassing Key on My AR2078A Air Rifle?

The instruction manual that accompanies the AR2078 and AR2078A air rifles gives an explanation of this, but unfortunately something was lost in the translation and it’s not easy to understand. Fortunately it’s easy to do and works well.

The de-gassing key is used to exhaust the remaining CO2 from an AR2078 or AR2078A air rifle after the point of impact begins to drop as the gas is shot from the gun. Of course you can “shoot the gun dry” by simply cocking and firing it without pellets - this is the normal method for those QB78 family models without the de-gassing facility, such as the QB78 Deluxe and the standard QB78.

But the de-gassing key offers a much easier, faster and more convenient way to empty your AR2078 or AR2078A air rifle of gas.

First cock the bolt, do NOT load a pellet but pull the trigger.
Now insert the de-gassing key through the keyhole in the side of the stock. Rotate it counter-clockwise 180 degrees and the key will open the valve by camming the hammer forward against the valve stem. The CO2 exhausts through the muzzle.
Once no more gas escapes the barrel the gun is empty of CO2 and you can re-fill as normal for more shooting, or leave empty for storage.

That’s it!


Anonymous,  Tuesday, 23 June, 2009  

Thanks. I wasn't sure how to do this before but your method works fine with my 2078.


Unknown Wednesday, 13 November, 2013  

Do you need to do this operation in reverse in order to close the valve?

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 13 November, 2013  

Yuri, Yes, just rotate the key back the other way and remove it from the keyhole.

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