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27 January, 2010

2010 SHOT Show Report

This month, we've been swamped with orders for the Archer Airguns "Seasonal Sale" and also attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. This is a huge, industry-only show which attracts a total of about 50,000 exhibitors and vistors. This means that I've not had any time to make more blog posts. Apologies. But, normal service will return in February :-)

Here's some observations on Chinese airgun developments at the SHOT Show.

Shanghai Airguns (the manufacturer of the QB family air rifles sold by Archer Airguns) was confirmed as the new owner of the Beeman brand (as previously rumored) - at least as far as it relates to the Chinese "Beeman" air rifles. The German "Beeman" air rifles will be handled by the existing owner of the brand but not from the same location. The acquisition date was actually in early November, 2009.

BAM air rifles will no longer be sold in the USA - so BAM tells me. Xisico is no longer the BAM distributor and there is no replacement announced or planned. Xisico may sell off the remaining inventory (probably through their Best Airguns retail arm), but otherwise, BAM will concentrate on OEM manufacturing, such as the Benjamin springers. So, the B-40, B-50 etc sound to be history - at least for the time being in the US market. The B3-1 is dead, for sure, as a model.

Xisico was showing their new models - at least as prototypes. I was told that availability is some months away yet. The XS46U is the name for the springer - underlever cocking and with a claimed 1,000fps in .177 caliber. The CO2 gun is named the XS60C. The size and handling of the XS60C reminded me very much of the M1 carbine, while the safety lever functionality reminds me of an AK47. That safety is automatically applied as the gun is cocked. Bolt cocking seemed very heavy to me, but maybe that will change for production models.

Of non-Chinese interest is a couple of new Crosman PCP pistols - the "Silhouette" and "Marauder" pistol models. Crosman seems to be doing well...


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