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27 January, 2010

2010 SHOT Show Report

This month, we've been swamped with orders for the Archer Airguns "Seasonal Sale" and also attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. This is a huge, industry-only show which attracts a total of about 50,000 exhibitors and vistors. This means that I've not had any time to make more blog posts. Apologies. But, normal service will return in February :-)

Here's some observations on Chinese airgun developments at the SHOT Show.

Shanghai Airguns (the manufacturer of the QB family air rifles sold by Archer Airguns) was confirmed as the new owner of the Beeman brand (as previously rumored) - at least as far as it relates to the Chinese "Beeman" air rifles. The German "Beeman" air rifles will be handled by the existing owner of the brand but not from the same location. The acquisition date was actually in early November, 2009.

BAM air rifles will no longer be sold in the USA - so BAM tells me. Xisico is no longer the BAM distributor and there is no replacement announced or planned. Xisico may sell off the remaining inventory (probably through their Best Airguns retail arm), but otherwise, BAM will concentrate on OEM manufacturing, such as the Benjamin springers. So, the B-40, B-50 etc sound to be history - at least for the time being in the US market. The B3-1 is dead, for sure, as a model.

Xisico was showing their new models - at least as prototypes. I was told that availability is some months away yet. The XS46U is the name for the springer - underlever cocking and with a claimed 1,000fps in .177 caliber. The CO2 gun is named the XS60C. The size and handling of the XS60C reminded me very much of the M1 carbine, while the safety lever functionality reminds me of an AK47. That safety is automatically applied as the gun is cocked. Bolt cocking seemed very heavy to me, but maybe that will change for production models.

Of non-Chinese interest is a couple of new Crosman PCP pistols - the "Silhouette" and "Marauder" pistol models. Crosman seems to be doing well...


nick Wednesday, 27 January, 2010  

I wouldn't suppose you would have pictures of this chinese c02 rifle with the appearance of an m1 carbine, I am VERY interested...


Stephen Archer Sunday, 31 January, 2010  

I'm not so sure that it LOOKS like an M-1 Carbine, but it FEELS like one to me from the perspective of size and handling. Photographs of this have been published on the Chinese Airgun Forum and you can see them at (sorry, I can't make this into a direct link, copy and paste the url into your browser to see the page.

Anonymous,  Saturday, 08 January, 2011  

I have purchased the XS46u .22 and tried it. The rifle is pretty powerful, about the same power as the B21 .22. However, in less than 100 shots, I started having problem with the trigger safety resetting after the barrel is cranked. When the trigger is fully reset, the rifle fires with a very slight pull single stage. When the trigger safety is not fully reset, somehow it causes the trigger release, sear, and the piston, not in proper position. So, when the trigger safety is not fully reset, the release of the safety trigger would actually fires the rifle, which can cause serious injuries. So be very careful when you get a chance to buy one of the XS46u. I am not sure if my rifle is typical to all the other XS46u. However, it better to be safe than to be sorry. When I check the trigger system, it does not seem damaged. Now, I am concerned if the safety trigger missed firing is a design flaw. Just be very careful with the rifle.

Stephen Archer Sunday, 09 January, 2011  

Thanks for your comments. I'm concerned to hear this about the XS46u, but I can't comment further as these air rifles are not sold by Archer Airguns and I don't own one. If you have not already done so, I would strongly suggest that you report this problem to Xisico USA - the US importers of this model - and ask for their support in resolving the issue.

Please email me directly at "" if you feel there's something I can do to help.

Anonymous,  Saturday, 15 January, 2011  

I am the Anonymous guy who posted the miss-firing issues with the XS46u .22. This is an update on the issue. With careful resetting the safety trigger by a extra push on the finger on the safety trigger for about a thousand shots, somehow the miss-firing went away. Now the rifle is operating fine without any miss-firing even without extra push on the safety trigger. Nevertheless, I am extra careful in keeping this rifle clean to prevent dirt built-up, especially in the trigger area. Somehow, I have a feeling that the problem may come back. I did contact Xisico, USA on the issue, and they did call me back and expressed concerns on the issues. At the same time, the rep told me the he has assigned engineers to check the safety mechanism. I obtain a XS46u .177 and have tried it, and this rifle is shooting fine with excellent accuracy, even during the break-in period. Of the .22 and .177 versions, I like the .22 more. My note here is not to discourage or encourage anyone to buy or not to buy the rifle, but to make sure people don't get hurt. I own about 20 good air rifles, and some dated back 25 years ago. This miss-firing incidence scares me, and it reminds me of Remington 700 as shown on CNBC.

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