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31 December, 2009

What diameter is my QB78 family air rifle barrel?

Lots of people as us for clarification about the barrel diameters of QB78 family air rifles - so here's the scoop!

14 mm diameter barrels are found on the QB78 (basic version, NOT the QB78 Deluxe with "gold" effect bolt handle and trigger blade) and the CAR78a carbine version that we sell.

All the other models use a 15mm diameter barrel. This includes the QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A and AR2079A models.

I made precise measurements of 10 units of each diameter barrel - taken at random from our inventory. The 14mm barrels ranged between 14.08mm and 14.17mm outside diameter, so they run a little on the high side.

The 15mm barrels measured gave a low of 14.87mm and a high of 15.02mm, so they seem to run a little under nominal on average.


pablo adames,  Sunday, 02 December, 2012  

hello,can i use a jds airman pcp tank on you qb 78-79 rifles,thank you.

Stephen Archer Tuesday, 04 December, 2012  

The QB78 and QB79 are designed and manufactured for use with CO2 at a typical pressure of 900psi. They're not designed to be used with high pressure air (PCP or HPA) at significantly higher pressures (typically 2,000 or 3,000 psi) for obvious safety reasons.

QB79 Fan,  Tuesday, 18 December, 2012  

You can on the 79, keep it under 1100psi (co2 on a hot day pressure) and your golden.
Should gain close to 100fps just going to air.

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