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20 December, 2009

Leapers Red Dot Sight Torture Test

One of the unsung heroes of Archer Airguns is our Leapers Red/Green Dot Sight.

Why? Well we've used this sight in the vast majority of our Gold Service air rifle tests for about 3 years, multiple times every day - and it's battered but still working!

This Leapers red dot sight - model SCP-RD30RGDL - has survived under the same conditions that caused two previous red dot sights from different manufacturers to fail within 3 months. These other red dot sights both failed with non-functioning turret mechanisms.

For our Gold Service testing, we're constantly sighting-in this sight, cranking the elevation and windage turrets back and forth mercilessly. And although the external parts of the turrets (at least) are made of plastic, they've survived this torture-testing without problems.

The sight comes complete with its own mount. This also has survived literally thousands of mounting and dis-mounting operations - you can see the "collateral damage" from this in the photo below. Again, I had one other manufacturer's red dot sight fail with stripped mounting screw threads after a short time - not so with this Leapers model!

And the other surprise is how long the batteries last in use. I can't remember the last time I changed them, but it's probably only about once a year, which is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than anything I hoped for.

So do I like this Leapers Red/Green dot sight? You bet! Apart from its durability, it's easy to use, has a sharp, clear image and unlimited eye relief.


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