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21 May, 2014

New Low Cost QB78 Scope Combos Now Available.

New at Archer Airguns are two new air rifle scope combos; one for the QB78, the other for the QB78 Deluxe.

The QB78 air rifle scope combo includes a QB78 air rifle in either .177 or .22 caliber, plus a 3-9 x 32 scope and low mount rings. This combo sells for just $109.99. All you need to do is to mount the scope and rings following my instructional videos on YouTube.

Also available is a QB78 Deluxe scope combo. This combo includes a QB78 Deluxe, together with a 3-12 x 40 scope and low rings. This combo is just $123.99. You can see it in the photograph below.

Both the 3-9 x 32 and 3-12 x 40 scopes are bargain priced. They have fixed focus, however it's possible to adjust this on a "one time" basis by removing the front ring of the scope and carefully turning the lens. This can reduce the minimum focusing distance considerably, if you wish. Both scopes are supplied with "bikini" lens covers and covers for the click-adjustable elevation and windage turrets.

These scopes are also available separately. In this way they are ideal for use with existing CO2 air rifles such as the QB78, QB79, Tech Force TF78, Umarex Fusion and Xisico XS60C. The photo below shows the 3-12 x 40 scope.

The 3-9 x 32 scope is shown here...

Fitted to the Fusion, the 3-12 x 40 scope looks like this.


09 May, 2014

At Last! A Degassing Tool for the Benjamin Discovery is Finally Available.

For ages, there has been no commerically-available degassing tool for the Benjamin Discovery air rifle.

Now this omission has been rectified with the appearance of Archer Airguns Degassing Tool for Benjamin Discovery.

Again, it's easy to safely and conveniently release the pressure from your Benjamin Discovery air rifle if required for storage or when changing "fuel" from CO2 to High Pressure Air (HPA) or the reverse.

This simple tool allows you to de-gas (depressurize) your Benjamin Discovery air rifle. It fits both .22 and .177 cal. models. It's supplied complete with instructions, which are reproduced below...

First, Simply engage the screw thread of the Degassing Tool in the threaded hole in the rear of the Discovery’s Tube Plug (Part 17 in the Crosman parts diagram for the Benjamin Discovery).
TIP: A drop of light oil on the threads in the Discovery’s Tube Plug before inserting the Degassing Tool will make rotation much easier!

Next, Rotate the degassing tool clockwise until you feel pressure (about 2 1/2 inches of thread depth into the tube).

Now, further rotation of the Discovery Degassing Tool will push the hammer forward against the valve stem and release the pressure in the gas tube. You will hear a loud “hiss” as the air exhausts from the gun through the muzzle (with the bolt closed, or through the breech with the bolt open).

Rotate the Degassing Tool clockwise a little more until no more hissing is heard.

Now check the pressure gauge in the underside of the Discovery to confirm that all pressure has been removed from the gun.

Rotate the Degassing Tool counter-clockwise until it can be removed from the gun.

Point the air rifle in a safe direction, cock the bolt and pull the trigger. The gun will go “click”, confirming that there’s no remaining air pressure in the Discovery.

That's it! Your Benjamin Discovery is now depressurized.


06 May, 2014

New Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake for Airguns With 15mm Diameter Barrels.

Just introduced is a new, improved muzzle brake from Archer Airguns, with two setscrews for more secure fixing.

This universal muzzle brake is CNC-manufactured from solid steel with a deep blued finish. The length is 4-inches and outside diameter is 0.855-inches. Weight is approximately 6 ounces. It's supplied with 2 setscrews and a hex wrench.

Apart from looking very cool, this muzzle brake usually makes a significant improvement in accuracy of an airgun by reducing barrel harmonics when the gun is fired.

This solid steel, blued muzzle break fits a huge number of air rifles and pistols having the very common 15mm diameter barrel (15mm is .0590 inches, approximately 19/32-inch), including the following models:

- Beeman 1073, Grizzly, Kodiak and similar air rifles.
- Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk.
- Crosman Optimus, Quest and Phantom air rifles.
- Stoeger X10 and X20.
- QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A, AR2079 air rifles.
- Tech Force TF79, TF89, TF78T and TF78GS air rifles.
- Benjamin Trail NP air pistol.

Installation may require an existing front sight to be removed from the barrel, so it’s suitable for use only if a scope or red dot sight is fitted to the airgun. Many plastic sight assemblies can be removed by first backing-out the clamping setscrews (if fitted), carefully warming the part with a domestic hair dryer (NOT a heat gun) and driving off using a piece of soft wood as a drift.

The Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake is NOT a silencer or suppressor. It makes no change to the report of the airgun. It's in stock now for immediate shipment.


01 May, 2014

New, Old Stock B4-1/TS45 Vintage Shanghai Air Rifles.

Archer Airguns has a very small number of these vintage side lever air rifles available, manufactured by Shanghai Airguns Company.

This is the side lever B4-1 air rifle. These are "new, old" stock guns that were manufactured in 2004 but have sat in a warehouse since then. The boxes are marked B4-1/TS45.

These are sold "as is" with no warranty but will be test fired to confirm functionality. The packaging says that pellets are included, but we've thrown these away as they were of very poor quality. Instead, they are supplied with 2 spare breech seals in case the original is in less than perfect condition.

These guns have stocks with rubber buttpads and a reasonable color varnish - not the legendary virulent orange of really old Shanghai guns. The wood is "2004 good", with no, or minimal cracks. There may be a little filler and a few slight dings. These stocks are very serviceable and will refinish well if you like a project. The metal may have a little surface rust from storage, but the bluing is generally good. The original boxes and instruction sheets are in excellent condition. They are surprisingly heavy, all wood and metal construction.

There are also a few B4-1 air rifle seconds with poor wood having "non-lethal" cracks, dings or filler that would look great with a bedliner refinish.

Available in .22 caliber only, the example we test fired achieved 505fps over the Chrony using 13.9 Grain Peak wadcutters, with good consistency and just a little smoke. There's an interesting manual safety inside the trigger guard that's primitive but seems to work well.

These guns shoot, but they will benefit from some care and attention from a new owner. Replacing the breech seals and some concern for the leather piston seal would be in order. Of course Archer Airguns has additional breech seals and piston seals available.

If you love these vintage Chinese airguns, this is a "one time only" offer. When these are gone, we have no more.

I know that there is collector interest in these vintage air rifles, so thought I'd mention them here.


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