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06 May, 2014

New Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake for Airguns With 15mm Diameter Barrels.

Just introduced is a new, improved muzzle brake from Archer Airguns, with two setscrews for more secure fixing.

This universal muzzle brake is CNC-manufactured from solid steel with a deep blued finish. The length is 4-inches and outside diameter is 0.855-inches. Weight is approximately 6 ounces. It's supplied with 2 setscrews and a hex wrench.

Apart from looking very cool, this muzzle brake usually makes a significant improvement in accuracy of an airgun by reducing barrel harmonics when the gun is fired.

This solid steel, blued muzzle break fits a huge number of air rifles and pistols having the very common 15mm diameter barrel (15mm is .0590 inches, approximately 19/32-inch), including the following models:

- Beeman 1073, Grizzly, Kodiak and similar air rifles.
- Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk.
- Crosman Optimus, Quest and Phantom air rifles.
- Stoeger X10 and X20.
- QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A, AR2079 air rifles.
- Tech Force TF79, TF89, TF78T and TF78GS air rifles.
- Benjamin Trail NP air pistol.

Installation may require an existing front sight to be removed from the barrel, so it’s suitable for use only if a scope or red dot sight is fitted to the airgun. Many plastic sight assemblies can be removed by first backing-out the clamping setscrews (if fitted), carefully warming the part with a domestic hair dryer (NOT a heat gun) and driving off using a piece of soft wood as a drift.

The Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake is NOT a silencer or suppressor. It makes no change to the report of the airgun. It's in stock now for immediate shipment.


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