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09 May, 2014

At Last! A Degassing Tool for the Benjamin Discovery is Finally Available.

For ages, there has been no commerically-available degassing tool for the Benjamin Discovery air rifle.

Now this omission has been rectified with the appearance of Archer Airguns Degassing Tool for Benjamin Discovery.

Again, it's easy to safely and conveniently release the pressure from your Benjamin Discovery air rifle if required for storage or when changing "fuel" from CO2 to High Pressure Air (HPA) or the reverse.

This simple tool allows you to de-gas (depressurize) your Benjamin Discovery air rifle. It fits both .22 and .177 cal. models. It's supplied complete with instructions, which are reproduced below...

First, Simply engage the screw thread of the Degassing Tool in the threaded hole in the rear of the Discovery’s Tube Plug (Part 17 in the Crosman parts diagram for the Benjamin Discovery).
TIP: A drop of light oil on the threads in the Discovery’s Tube Plug before inserting the Degassing Tool will make rotation much easier!

Next, Rotate the degassing tool clockwise until you feel pressure (about 2 1/2 inches of thread depth into the tube).

Now, further rotation of the Discovery Degassing Tool will push the hammer forward against the valve stem and release the pressure in the gas tube. You will hear a loud “hiss” as the air exhausts from the gun through the muzzle (with the bolt closed, or through the breech with the bolt open).

Rotate the Degassing Tool clockwise a little more until no more hissing is heard.

Now check the pressure gauge in the underside of the Discovery to confirm that all pressure has been removed from the gun.

Rotate the Degassing Tool counter-clockwise until it can be removed from the gun.

Point the air rifle in a safe direction, cock the bolt and pull the trigger. The gun will go “click”, confirming that there’s no remaining air pressure in the Discovery.

That's it! Your Benjamin Discovery is now depressurized.


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