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31 August, 2014

New Range of Parts and Accesory Kits for Crosman 760 Airguns.

New at Archer Airguns is a range of parts and accessory kits for America's most popular air rifle - the Crosman 760.

The best and simplest way for anyone to improve their shooting with a Crosman 760 is to install a scope and use this instead of the open sights supplied fitted to the gun. You'll be amazed at the improvement shooting through a scope can make!

So, Archer Airguns has two, great value scope packages for the 760.

The lowest cost package includes a 4 x 20 scope and rings for the Crosman 760. This mounts directly to the 760 - as shown in the photograph below. The scope is adjustable for elevation, windage and eye focus. It's also supplied with push on lens caps.

Stepping up is a 4 x 40 Scope and Rings for Crosman 760. The larger, better quality scope gives a much better image and has 4 x greater light gathering capability than the 4 x 20 scope for a brighter, sharper image. This scope also has a duplex reticle, click-adjustable elevation and windage turrets and eyepiece focusing.

A special set of low profile rings are included and these mount directly onto the 760's scope rails. This is about as much scope as most people will need on a Crosman 760!

A red dot sight is also a great option for improving shooting with a 760. But most of those currently available have Weaver/Picatinny type mounts that are not compatible with the scope rails on the Crosman 760.

Archer Airguns Weaver Picatinny Mount Adapter for Crosman 760 overcomes that problem. This adapter comprises two parts that fit into the Weaver/Picatinny mounts of the red dot sight (or scope rings). The whole assembly is then lowered onto the 760's scope rails and the Weaver mount tightened. Perfect!

For those with an old, tired 760, Archer Airguns also introduces a Reseal Kit for Crosman 760.

This "2X" Seal Kit includes two sets of the seals most likely to cause an old Crosman 760 to become "tired" and shoot slow. These seals will fit any of the many millions of 760s manufactured by Crosman since 1977! No instructions are included, but it's easy to find instructional videos on the 760 on YouTube and these will help with this project.

Having two sets of seals gives confidence when undertaking the repair, or provides a spare set of seals for another reseal project in future.


30 August, 2014

More Parts Kits Available for Crosman and Benjamin PCP Airguns

A variety of new parts kits are now available from Archer Airguns to help you fix Crosman and Benjamin PCP airguns that are in need of a little TLC.

Now in stock is the Crosman Challenger 2009 PCP Air Rifle valve assembly. This comes complete with the two O rings and valve stem seal assembly. This is Crosman part number CH2009-030.

Also for the Challenger 2009 is a kit of the tiny stainless steel balls and very delicate O rings that are used in the T Handle of the Challenger 2009. These parts are very easy to loose when working on the Challenger - trust me, I know! - and this kit provides a simple way to acquire two sets of these parts. Two bolt probe O rings are also included. The Archer Airguns T Handle Repair Kit for Challenger 2009 PCP Air Rifles looks like this...

The Benjamin Discovery Valve Stem Assembly - Crosman Part 1761A140 - fits the Disco as well as the Challenger 2009.

And last, but not least, there's the Valve Stem Assembly for Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles and Pistols. This fits all models of the Marauder, including the first and current (synthetic stock) model Mrod air rifles.

Hopefully these parts kits - in addition to the others already available - will be useful for those of you working on your Crosman and Benjamin PCP air rifles.

Happy Labor Day to all!


16 August, 2014

At Last! QB58 Sidelever Air Rifles Are Available Again.

Many people have asked us if the QB58 air rifle would ever be available again. Well, now it is!

Archer Airguns has the QB58 available in both calibers - .177 and .22 cal.
Here's the .177 version.
This is the .22 cal model.

These are the QB58FC model, the top model in the Industry Brand QB58 range. They have nice hardwood stocks, excellent checkering and fiber optic sights.

Mechanically, the QB58 is definitely a first cousin to the well known QB57 air rifle. The main differences to the QB57 are the conventional, non-takedown, configuration and a somewhat higher muzzle velocity specification. Below, you can see how the QB57 and QB58 compare...

The QB58 is compact for a conventional air rifle configuration, which makes it easy to shoot. But please note that this gun is best shot with open sights, a red dot sight or a short scope such as the Leapers Bugbuster. The short compression chamber means that regular-length scopes will cover the loading port, making it very difficult to load pellets.

ALSO, whenever loading the QB58 - like ANY sidelever springer - be sure to keep your arm between the body of the gun and the open cocking lever when loading pellets. DO NOT press the red bear trap interlock button until the air rifle is loaded and your fingers are well clear of the breech area! READ THIS POST FOR A GRAPHIC WARNING ABOUT LOADING THE QB58 SAFELY.


13 August, 2014

QB79 Repeater Gold Service Test Target

Just thought you might like to see a nice Gold Service test target shot today from a customer's QB79 PCP Repeater and Tank Bundle .177 Cal. That's 10 shots at 10 yards.

The customer ordered the 800 fps specification and the Ninja regulated HPA tank is included in the bundle.


07 August, 2014

Single Shot Trays Now Available for Benjamin Marauder in .25 Caliber.

New from Archer Airguns is a .25 caliber single shot tray for the Benjamin Marauder air rifle. This allows the .25 caliber Marauder to be fired in single shot mode, without the need for a clip. It fits both the original and new model Marauders. You can buy yours at Archer Airguns.

The illustration above sis a CAD image of the tray, for clarity of illustration.

These trays are manufactured from a nylon 12 material called "Duraform PA". This was selected for its durability, precision and capacity for repeatable use. Manufacturing is undertaken using a high end "additive manufacturing" process.

The color is flat black and the caliber is marked on either side of the tray for ease of identification in use. The design also includes a built-in "safety ring" that mitigates the issue of pellets falling back into the hammer assembly by accident.

Please note that this tray fits from the left side of the breech (the opposite to the Benjamin OEM part).

Archer Airguns single shot trays for Benjamin Marauder air rifles are also available in .177 and .22 calibers.


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