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16 August, 2014

At Last! QB58 Sidelever Air Rifles Are Available Again.

Many people have asked us if the QB58 air rifle would ever be available again. Well, now it is!

Archer Airguns has the QB58 available in both calibers - .177 and .22 cal.
Here's the .177 version.
This is the .22 cal model.

These are the QB58FC model, the top model in the Industry Brand QB58 range. They have nice hardwood stocks, excellent checkering and fiber optic sights.

Mechanically, the QB58 is definitely a first cousin to the well known QB57 air rifle. The main differences to the QB57 are the conventional, non-takedown, configuration and a somewhat higher muzzle velocity specification. Below, you can see how the QB57 and QB58 compare...

The QB58 is compact for a conventional air rifle configuration, which makes it easy to shoot. But please note that this gun is best shot with open sights, a red dot sight or a short scope such as the Leapers Bugbuster. The short compression chamber means that regular-length scopes will cover the loading port, making it very difficult to load pellets.

ALSO, whenever loading the QB58 - like ANY sidelever springer - be sure to keep your arm between the body of the gun and the open cocking lever when loading pellets. DO NOT press the red bear trap interlock button until the air rifle is loaded and your fingers are well clear of the breech area! READ THIS POST FOR A GRAPHIC WARNING ABOUT LOADING THE QB58 SAFELY.


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