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11 December, 2011

New QB79 Custom Shop

At the request of several customers, Archer Airguns has today launched a QB79 Custom Shop. Although we have been building QB79-based guns through our QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop, this has required telephone conversations to arrange and is not so user friendly as we would like.

Hence the QB79 Custom Shop is available for those of you who like the QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop concept, but would prefer your gun to be based on the QB79 platform, allowing the use of 9-oz paintball or Airsource tanks for huge numbers of shots per fill.

You can see details on the QB79 Custom Shop by clicking this link.

And, just to whet your appetite, here are photos of two more QB78 Custom Shop guns that were shipped out yesterday. The top gun has a particularly-dramatic QB78 Deluxe "Special Select" stock and 91/30 bolt handle. The lower one featured a mounted scope and all the power mods.

At the QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop, every air rifle is unique - thanks to you!


01 December, 2011

AR2078B First Test Target

Here's the target from the first "Gold Service" test I've made of an AR2078B air rifle.

This is about the best 10-shot group I've ever produced from a QB78-family air rifle in our standard test conditions, and confirms the factory's claims of increased accuracy for this model. It's also interesting to see how similarly-shaped was the group I shot compared to the factory test. (See the previous blog post right below this one).

In accordance with our standard "Gold Service" testing, I used " the Peak" wadcutter pellets straight from the tin. I've no doubt that there's more accuracy to come from the AR2078B with careful pellet selection and experimentation. And - of course - with a better shot than me pulling the trigger!

The sidelever cocking mechanism was fast and easy to use. I would say it's definitely a step forward in ease-of-use for those shooters who find the standard bolt action to be a little tough in operation.


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