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22 September, 2014

New Screw Kits and More Parts for Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles

Archer Airguns has recently introduced several new parts kits for Benjamin Marauder air rifles.

Among these kits are two sets of screws for the Marauder. These are for the "version 1" or "old model" of the Mrod, not the guns with the latest synthetic stock. We find these screws handy to have around as part of our Reseal Service for Benjamin Marauder air rifles and I'm sure that the same will be true for the many people who enjoy working on their own guns.

Screw Kit A for Marauder Air Rifles
comprises screws associated with the trigger assembly, the valve securing screws and a couple of others.

There are:
4 x Trigger Plate Side Screws, Part 1763-056
4 x Trigger Assembly Retaining Screws, Part 1763-035
1 x Hammer Set Screw, Part 1763-022
1 x Bolt Catch Retaining Screw, Part 1763-024
3 x Valve Securing Setscrew, Part 1763-019

The photo below shows these parts.

Screw Kit B for Marauder air rifles, has mainly screws associated with the breech assembly, together with replacement stock and barrel band screws.

These are:
2 x Breech Locating Screws Screws, Part 1763-027
1 x Stock Screw, Part 1763-029 (blued)
2 x Barrel Band Setscrews, Part 1763-023
2 x Barrel Setscrews (fit in breech), Part 1763-021
1 x Shroud Setscrew, Part 88-089

Also now available as spare parts are a complete Marauder trigger assembly, this also fits the Crosman Chellanger 2009 PCP air rifle.

But wait, there's more! There's also the Marauder Gauge Adapter. This fits the Benjamin Discovery as well.


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