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30 November, 2012

The Archer Airguns Seasonal Sale Starts Today

You can find sale bargains throughout the store, including special prices on the QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078B and AR2079B.

There's special prices on many parts kits and we now have Xisico XS28M barrel kits (fit Ruger Air Hawk Magnum and RWS350) available in .25 caliber as well as .22 and .177

If you're looking for a special gift idea for your favorite airgunner (or yourself!) we have just a few one of a kind specials available on our Gift Guns page.

Here's a photo of the beautiful Benjamin Superstreak that's one of the Gift Guns. It includes a camo stock, Gold Service test target and hard Plano case...

If you're choosing a Stoeger X20 Suppressor, you can benefit from the $50.00 value Stoeger mail in promo.

To ensure that your orders are shipped in time for Christmas delivery, please order before 19 December with USPS Priority Mail shipping. If you prefer free shipping or choose USPS Parcel Post, the deadline is 12 December. Obviously we'll be shipping everything out as rapidly as we can, but the Post Office can't GUARANTEE delivery before 25 December for parcels shipped after those dates.


23 November, 2012

Fit This Beautiful Thumbhole Stock to your Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle

Above and below, the Ruger Air Hawk fitted with this beautiful, unique bamboo thumbhole stock.

If the buttstock of your Ruger Air Hawk air rifle is looking a little tired, or has been damaged in use; this could be the ideal solution. You can dress up your Air Hawk with the beautiful, stylish Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock - it fits perfectly!

This laminated bamboo stock adds a whole new dimension of usability to your Air Hawk and it looks beautiful, too. The design gives a good cheek weld - essential for accurate shooting - and the palm swell in the forend encourages the use of the "artillery hold" that's so essential for good shooting with any spring/piston air rifle such as this.

Many people find the pistol grip of the thumbhole design easier to grip and - best of all - it adds no weight to the airgun. Bamboo is a very strong wood and this is a durable stock, in spite of its delicate appearance.

The Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock Kit is not supplied with a trigger guard, but you can use the one that came with your airgun as it fits correctly. And you can simply reuse the stock screws from your Air Hawk too. What upgrade could be easier?

The XS25 Bamboo stock can also be used to upgrade the Ruger Air Hawk Elite air rifle in just the same way, it will be lighter as a result. It also fits the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle, but in this case, you will also require the Xisico XS25 Trigger Guard Kit and Xisico XS25 Wood Stock Screw Kit, as the synthetic stock does not have a removable trigger guard and uses different stock screws.

This stock looks great, doesn't it?


20 November, 2012

Archer Airguns is Business of the Month on the Yellow Airgun Forum.

Archer Airguns is featured as "Business of the Month" on the James Kitching Yellow Airgun Forum - the world's biggest airgun forum.

You can read the full article here, it contains much information about Archer Airguns, some of which is not so well known.

The article includes this very rare archive photograph of me shooting my antique 1897 Mauser Model 1896 "Broomhandle" pistol many years ago at Bisley ranges in the UK. That's me in front. It was taken so long ago that I don't even have gray hair visible in the photo!

I'd like to wish all readers of this blog a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.


16 November, 2012

Stoeger X20 Suppressor Back In Stock - With $50 Value Mail-In Offer

A new delivery of Stoeger Suppressor air rifles arrived in the US very recently, ending the shortage of these excellent - and quiet - air rifles that has existed for a couple of months. Both .177 and .22 caliber combos are in stock and available again in Archer Airguns online store.

As a reminder, Stoeger X20 Suppressor air rifle combos - in either caliber - purchased between now and 31 December 2012 are elegible for a free "holiday pack starter kit" of pellets, pellet trap and paper targets, with a retail value of $50.00!

This is a write-in promotion which is fulfilled directly by Benelli USA. You simply send them a copy of your sales receipt, together with the completed offer form and they send you the starter pack. Full details can be found in the Stoeger Airguns website.

The pellets supplied in this offer are high quality German-made Stoeger X-Sport pellets. These are a solid wadcutter pellet that performs well in many types of airgun for target shooting.

To qualify, your Stoeger X20 Suppressor purchase needs to be made from an authorized Stoeger Airguns dealer - like Archer Airguns. We have the X20 Suppressor combo with 4 x 32 Stoeger scope in stock in both .177 and .22 calibers.


12 November, 2012

New Leapers 3-9 x 50AO Airgun Scope

Newly introduced by Leapers is the new UTG 3-9 x 50AO scope, including airgun rings.

This is the first of - what we are told - will be a range of dedicated airgun scopes including rings for standard airgun dovetails. As many will know, Leapers has made many of its scopes available with bundled Weaver rings, but these have been of limited interest to most airgunners as additional rings were still required.

Above, the scope mounted on a QB78 Deluxe air rifle.

The Leapers UTG 3 - 9 x 50AO scope is a good, bright and sharp scope that covers the most popular airgun magnification range. Minimum focusing range is just 5 yards and this - combined with a mil dot reticle and the bundled rings - make this scope a great new choice. It comes complete with flip-up lens caps and sunshade. Archer Airguns has this scope in stock, of course!

Below, the same scope mounted on a Ruger Air Hawk air rifle.


08 November, 2012

The QB57 Air Rifle - A Customer's Review

Kent from Virginia recently purchased a QB57 Deluxe airgun from Archer Airguns. He sent us an email with his review of the new air rifle and has kindly approved its publication - unaltered - in this blog post.

Above, the QB57 in factory configuration.

"I received my QB 57 last Friday.  I really did not expect much considering that I spent less than $100 dollars for it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  This is a hefty rifle. It is a little heavy but the short design makes it very comfortable to shoot.  It certainly has a lot of power.  I bought the .22 version and it has enough power to embed a pellet into a piece of plywood at 50 feet.

I own several air rifles and this QB 57 is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I really like the carbine, bull pup design.  Once I sighted it in I am able to hit a 3" circle at 50 feet with the iron sights.  I would recommend this air rifle to any adult, this gun is not for children.  It must be treated with respect for sure.  I've had 1 misfire and the anti-bear trap devise missed latching once or twice.

I would like to recommend that you advise buyers to wear hearing protection in the ear next to the stock.  I'd also like to recommend that you advise buyers to tighten the screws after about an hour of shooting.  My sear screw loosened and I was unable to cock the gun.  It took me about 5 minutes to find Mr. Archers post about the sear screw. Easy fix but I almost didn't figure it out.  Once I fixed that and tightened the screws it shoots like a dream.  
This really is a fun gun to shoot.  I'm so impressed, I think my next purchase will probably be one of your custom QB 78's

My other air rifles are a Benjamin Titan, a Crosman 760, a Crosman 2300T, a Benjamin 312, and an Air Force Talon."

Kent, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the QB57 with us! As you say, this is an airgun that must be treated with even more than the usual respect, but which pays off in shooting fun.


04 November, 2012

New Silent Pellet Trap Range for 9 x 7-Inch NRA Airgun Targets

A complete new range of "silent" airgun pellet traps is launched by Archer Airguns today!

Above. The Premium (left) and Classic Mini Pellet Traps.

The Classic Mini Pellet Trap and Premium Mini Pellet Trap are designed specifically for use with 9 x 7-inch targets, particularly NRA air rifle and air pistol targets AR-5/5, AR-3 and TQ-5/1. They also can be used with smaller targets such as the NRA AR-5/1, B-40/1, and TQ-6 targets. Gamo paper airgun targets can also be used with these traps, as shown below.

These new Archer Airguns Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are far superior in performance to any other pellet trap of this size: there's no annoying "clang" when a pellet strikes the trap, they don't move when hit and they're safer than other traps because pellets do not ricochet or fly back out of the trap. Plus, they are the only airgun pellet traps of this size that are made right here in the USA!

Suitable for airguns with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber with lead pellets, or 750 FPS in .22 caliber with lead pellets at 10 yards range, the Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are also capable of handling higher muzzle velocities than traps from Beeman, Crosman and Gamo.

The Classic Mini Trap is solidly constructed from poplar and features a 16 Gauge steel back. In conjunction with 5 lb of electrician's duct seal, this makes for a very substantial trap. The Premium Mini Trap is built from selected Red Oak for "cabinet quality" appearance and includes a handle and felt feet. This is a trap that has the quality of a piece of furniture!

Both Classic and Premium Mini Traps are available with or without Duct Seal. Some customers want to buy their duct seal locally and save on shipping costs. Others want to be sure they have the correct material and prefer a bundled approach. It's your choice, but duct seal MUST be used in these traps - that's the way they work.

Above. Classic Mini Traps shown with Duct Seal installed (left) and before doing so.

And for the first time, the Classic Mini "Silent" Pellet Trap is available in a 3-pack at a price saving: this is expected to be attractive to shooting clubs looking to add high quality pellet traps to their air rifle and air pistol ranges. In this case, the duct seal must be purchased locally.

Below, the "Club Pack" of three traps.

These traps are in stock as from today!


01 November, 2012

Special Offer on QB78 Weaver Breech

For a limited time, Archer Airguns is offering a pair of UTG Leapers high mount Weaver rings at no charge with every QB78 Weaver breech (that's the right hand model) sold. That's a $10 value!

The Weaver breech gives a sharp, modern look to any QB78 type air rifle, including the QB79, AR2078 and AR2079 and these high mount rings are ideal for fitting a scope with a 40mm or 50mm objective lens.

Fitting this breech is easy, simply follow my instructional videos on YouTube. Alternatively Archer Airguns can fit the Weaver breech as a replacement on new airguns ordered from us at a small additional charge.

Limited quantities are available at this special price.


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