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16 November, 2012

Stoeger X20 Suppressor Back In Stock - With $50 Value Mail-In Offer

A new delivery of Stoeger Suppressor air rifles arrived in the US very recently, ending the shortage of these excellent - and quiet - air rifles that has existed for a couple of months. Both .177 and .22 caliber combos are in stock and available again in Archer Airguns online store.

As a reminder, Stoeger X20 Suppressor air rifle combos - in either caliber - purchased between now and 31 December 2012 are elegible for a free "holiday pack starter kit" of pellets, pellet trap and paper targets, with a retail value of $50.00!

This is a write-in promotion which is fulfilled directly by Benelli USA. You simply send them a copy of your sales receipt, together with the completed offer form and they send you the starter pack. Full details can be found in the Stoeger Airguns website.

The pellets supplied in this offer are high quality German-made Stoeger X-Sport pellets. These are a solid wadcutter pellet that performs well in many types of airgun for target shooting.

To qualify, your Stoeger X20 Suppressor purchase needs to be made from an authorized Stoeger Airguns dealer - like Archer Airguns. We have the X20 Suppressor combo with 4 x 32 Stoeger scope in stock in both .177 and .22 calibers.


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