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08 November, 2012

The QB57 Air Rifle - A Customer's Review

Kent from Virginia recently purchased a QB57 Deluxe airgun from Archer Airguns. He sent us an email with his review of the new air rifle and has kindly approved its publication - unaltered - in this blog post.

Above, the QB57 in factory configuration.

"I received my QB 57 last Friday.  I really did not expect much considering that I spent less than $100 dollars for it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  This is a hefty rifle. It is a little heavy but the short design makes it very comfortable to shoot.  It certainly has a lot of power.  I bought the .22 version and it has enough power to embed a pellet into a piece of plywood at 50 feet.

I own several air rifles and this QB 57 is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I really like the carbine, bull pup design.  Once I sighted it in I am able to hit a 3" circle at 50 feet with the iron sights.  I would recommend this air rifle to any adult, this gun is not for children.  It must be treated with respect for sure.  I've had 1 misfire and the anti-bear trap devise missed latching once or twice.

I would like to recommend that you advise buyers to wear hearing protection in the ear next to the stock.  I'd also like to recommend that you advise buyers to tighten the screws after about an hour of shooting.  My sear screw loosened and I was unable to cock the gun.  It took me about 5 minutes to find Mr. Archers post about the sear screw. Easy fix but I almost didn't figure it out.  Once I fixed that and tightened the screws it shoots like a dream.  
This really is a fun gun to shoot.  I'm so impressed, I think my next purchase will probably be one of your custom QB 78's

My other air rifles are a Benjamin Titan, a Crosman 760, a Crosman 2300T, a Benjamin 312, and an Air Force Talon."

Kent, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the QB57 with us! As you say, this is an airgun that must be treated with even more than the usual respect, but which pays off in shooting fun.


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