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23 November, 2012

Fit This Beautiful Thumbhole Stock to your Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle

Above and below, the Ruger Air Hawk fitted with this beautiful, unique bamboo thumbhole stock.

If the buttstock of your Ruger Air Hawk air rifle is looking a little tired, or has been damaged in use; this could be the ideal solution. You can dress up your Air Hawk with the beautiful, stylish Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock - it fits perfectly!

This laminated bamboo stock adds a whole new dimension of usability to your Air Hawk and it looks beautiful, too. The design gives a good cheek weld - essential for accurate shooting - and the palm swell in the forend encourages the use of the "artillery hold" that's so essential for good shooting with any spring/piston air rifle such as this.

Many people find the pistol grip of the thumbhole design easier to grip and - best of all - it adds no weight to the airgun. Bamboo is a very strong wood and this is a durable stock, in spite of its delicate appearance.

The Xisico XS25 Bamboo Thumbhole Stock Kit is not supplied with a trigger guard, but you can use the one that came with your airgun as it fits correctly. And you can simply reuse the stock screws from your Air Hawk too. What upgrade could be easier?

The XS25 Bamboo stock can also be used to upgrade the Ruger Air Hawk Elite air rifle in just the same way, it will be lighter as a result. It also fits the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle, but in this case, you will also require the Xisico XS25 Trigger Guard Kit and Xisico XS25 Wood Stock Screw Kit, as the synthetic stock does not have a removable trigger guard and uses different stock screws.

This stock looks great, doesn't it?


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