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20 November, 2012

Archer Airguns is Business of the Month on the Yellow Airgun Forum.

Archer Airguns is featured as "Business of the Month" on the James Kitching Yellow Airgun Forum - the world's biggest airgun forum.

You can read the full article here, it contains much information about Archer Airguns, some of which is not so well known.

The article includes this very rare archive photograph of me shooting my antique 1897 Mauser Model 1896 "Broomhandle" pistol many years ago at Bisley ranges in the UK. That's me in front. It was taken so long ago that I don't even have gray hair visible in the photo!

I'd like to wish all readers of this blog a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.


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This blog shares information, ideas and knowledge about air rifles. It compliments the information Stephen publishes on the Archer Airguns website, on YouTube and the Chinese Airgun Forum.

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