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04 November, 2012

New Silent Pellet Trap Range for 9 x 7-Inch NRA Airgun Targets

A complete new range of "silent" airgun pellet traps is launched by Archer Airguns today!

Above. The Premium (left) and Classic Mini Pellet Traps.

The Classic Mini Pellet Trap and Premium Mini Pellet Trap are designed specifically for use with 9 x 7-inch targets, particularly NRA air rifle and air pistol targets AR-5/5, AR-3 and TQ-5/1. They also can be used with smaller targets such as the NRA AR-5/1, B-40/1, and TQ-6 targets. Gamo paper airgun targets can also be used with these traps, as shown below.

These new Archer Airguns Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are far superior in performance to any other pellet trap of this size: there's no annoying "clang" when a pellet strikes the trap, they don't move when hit and they're safer than other traps because pellets do not ricochet or fly back out of the trap. Plus, they are the only airgun pellet traps of this size that are made right here in the USA!

Suitable for airguns with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber with lead pellets, or 750 FPS in .22 caliber with lead pellets at 10 yards range, the Mini "Silent" Pellet Traps are also capable of handling higher muzzle velocities than traps from Beeman, Crosman and Gamo.

The Classic Mini Trap is solidly constructed from poplar and features a 16 Gauge steel back. In conjunction with 5 lb of electrician's duct seal, this makes for a very substantial trap. The Premium Mini Trap is built from selected Red Oak for "cabinet quality" appearance and includes a handle and felt feet. This is a trap that has the quality of a piece of furniture!

Both Classic and Premium Mini Traps are available with or without Duct Seal. Some customers want to buy their duct seal locally and save on shipping costs. Others want to be sure they have the correct material and prefer a bundled approach. It's your choice, but duct seal MUST be used in these traps - that's the way they work.

Above. Classic Mini Traps shown with Duct Seal installed (left) and before doing so.

And for the first time, the Classic Mini "Silent" Pellet Trap is available in a 3-pack at a price saving: this is expected to be attractive to shooting clubs looking to add high quality pellet traps to their air rifle and air pistol ranges. In this case, the duct seal must be purchased locally.

Below, the "Club Pack" of three traps.

These traps are in stock as from today!


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