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31 July, 2014

Hard Air Magazine - Your New FREE Online Airgun Magazine

Hard Air Magazine is a new free online magazine focused on airguns and associated products.

We hope you'll read it, love it and keep coming back to read more very frequently as new content will be added often!

Why Hard Air? Well, it doesn't cover airsoft or paintball products. Nor does it cover firearms. HAM specializes in airguns, pure and simple.

Hard Air Magazine (HAM) specializes in top quality, comprehensive reviews of airguns and associated products.

For example, air rifles are tested and reviewed with multiple types of quality pellets to indicate the performance of which they're capable. The test targets and chrony results are all published, so that you can draw your own conclusions, too.

The HAM review team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable airgunners who really know what they're talking about. They're excited to share their knowledge and experience with everyone through the HAM product reviews.

Added to this is a comprehensive range of airgun buyers guides and clear descriptions of the different airgun types, these are intended to help newcomers to our sport.

So if you - or anyone you know - is looking to buy a new airgun, Hard Air Magazine will be the first place to look for honest, constructive buying advice.

But wait, there's more! Hard Air Magazine is the one stop shop to help everyone keep up to date with the latest airgun news.

Hard Air Magazine is published by Archer Airguns. But it's NOT a replacement for this blog, nor does it cover products sold by our online retail store at In fact, HAM will review and cover almost everything EXCEPT what is sold in our store.



22 July, 2014

New Airgun Prototypes "Sneak Peak" at Crosman

During practice day at the recent Northeast Regional Field Target (NERFT) match held at Crosman's Bloomfield NY headquarters, a couple of interesting new prototype air rifles appeared very briefly.

Chip Hunnicutt, Crosman's PR and web chief, suddenly appeared with a couple of new, tactical-looking airguns and fired them during a quiet period just after Lunch. I managed to grab a couple of photographs of this one.

This prototype was a new side lever cocking .357 caliber big bore air rifle. It appeared to be a modified, mechanical version of the now-defunct Benjamin Rogue, using the same magazine. Name is to be the Benjamin Bulldog, apparently.

Chip also briefly showed a new version of the Marauder air rifle. This again had a tactical look and appeared to be a bullpup configuration of the Mrod. Sadly I missed seeing this myself, so no photographs, but the product name could be Benjamin Armada. There's a photograph of this on the Crosman Facebook page.

Crosman has used the NERFT match as a venue to display new prototypes as a "work in progress". Some years ago there was a tactical Marauder prototype shown that eventually appeared as the MAR177 conversion kit.

So these "sneak peeks" may not be what actually comes to market next year, but they give a clear indication of the thinking in Crosman's product development organization.



16 July, 2014

Airgun Scopes Back in Stock.

Recently, we've been suffering from somewhat of a scope shortage.

However, things have now improved greatly with the return to availability of three good airgun-rated zoom scopes, all with mil dot reticles and close focusing.

The Leapers 3-9 x 32AO scope, Model SCP-U392AODT2 is supplied with airgun rings, flip open lens caps and focuses down to 5 yards. This is an excellent scope for airgun use as it features the TF2+ turrets that pull out to adjust and then simply push back to lock.

You can see more details of this scope here -

The very popular Hammers 3-9x zoom scopes are also available again. These scopes are both supplied with a solid one piece airgun mount and are very similar except for the objective diameter.

See if you can tell the difference!

Here's the Hammers 3-9 x 32AO scope, mounted on a Ruger Air Hawk.

And this is the Hammers 3-9 x 40AO scope.

See what I mean?


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