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07 August, 2014

Single Shot Trays Now Available for Benjamin Marauder in .25 Caliber.

New from Archer Airguns is a .25 caliber single shot tray for the Benjamin Marauder air rifle. This allows the .25 caliber Marauder to be fired in single shot mode, without the need for a clip. It fits both the original and new model Marauders. You can buy yours at Archer Airguns.

The illustration above sis a CAD image of the tray, for clarity of illustration.

These trays are manufactured from a nylon 12 material called "Duraform PA". This was selected for its durability, precision and capacity for repeatable use. Manufacturing is undertaken using a high end "additive manufacturing" process.

The color is flat black and the caliber is marked on either side of the tray for ease of identification in use. The design also includes a built-in "safety ring" that mitigates the issue of pellets falling back into the hammer assembly by accident.

Please note that this tray fits from the left side of the breech (the opposite to the Benjamin OEM part).

Archer Airguns single shot trays for Benjamin Marauder air rifles are also available in .177 and .22 calibers.


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