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23 December, 2009

The Top Ten Airgun Safety Tips

For all those new air rifle shooters - maybe with an airgun as a Christmas present - here's our "Top Ten" airgun safety tips. This is not all you need to do to be safe, but our list covers many of the critical disciplines that prevent potentially dangerous shooting accidents.

1. Remember air rifles can be dangerous - always treat them with respect.
2. Always assume any gun is loaded and “live” until proven otherwise.

3. Don’t load the rifle until you’re ready to fire.
4. Never touch the trigger until you have the target in sight.
5. Think before you shoot. Don’t shoot unless you know what will be hit if you miss the target - and we ALL miss sometimes...

6. If in doubt - don't fire!

7. Never touch any airgun if someone is in front of you.
8. Never walk in front of anyone holding any gun.
9. Never point any gun at anyone - even if it’s unloaded.
10. Don’t distract or talk to anyone when they’re shooting.

"Have fun, but shoot safe".


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