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25 December, 2013

Improving the Beeman RS2. Barrel, Trigger and Gas Ram Upgrades.

Blog reader Paul Mattoon is interested to share share the processes by which he has modified and improved the quality of his Beeman RS2 air rifle. Paul writes...

"I know that there is very little information regarding the RS2 rifle, and what is available is not necessarily focused on improvements or modifications. So far I have done the following modifications to my RS2:

* Cut, choke, and re-crowned the barrel.
* Deburred the (3rd generation) trigger sears, added shims, and reshaped the trigger for more responsive action and feel.
* Honed and deglazed the compression chamber for a better piston seal/cylinder interface.
* Added a "dimple" in the rear of the receiver tube for the use of the Hammers scope mount stop pin; works in conjunction with the beeman scope stop= no scope movement.
* Modification of the trigger housing to accommodate the use of the Crosman Trail NP nitrogen piston "gas ram".
* Modification of the gas ram for proper fitment.
* Chamfering the anterior end of the transfer port to reduce turbulence behind the pellet. 
* Heat shrinking the main spring, polishing/deburring spring ends for less recoil (pre gas ram installation).

These processes have also made it necessary to re-blue some of the parts. In addition, I have found several lubricants for specific uses that can be purchased in commonly found stores, which eliminate the need to "special order" tuning lubricants. 

Attached is a photo of my Beeman RS2 (top) and a 1990 RWS Diana 34.

The Diana was given to me in a terrible state. It had rusting and pitting on the exterior, a bent barrel and spring, dry rotted stock butt, cracked piston, and a malfunctioning trigger. I have completely restored the rifle which includes installing (with modification) a Crosman Optimus .22 barrel, welding and sleeving the cracked piston, tuning the spring ends/adhering heat shrink tubing for a proper fit, honing the compression chamber, tuning/rebuilding the T01 trigger, re-bluing all of the metal, re-finishing the stock, and fabricating a custom rubber butt plate.

I plan to document and share the processes in which I have modified and improved the quality of my rifle and hope to share it with you in this blog."

Paul, thanks for your post. I look forward to reading more about this project in 2014!


kc5uzd Saturday, 15 November, 2014  

I replaced the scope with a CVLIFE 3-9x40 illuminated optics scope & added a scope mounted laser dot/flashlight. I then replaced the stock light with a AA Maglight. The light reflects off the barrel & cuts illumination terribly, so a couple of strips of black tape down the barrel & it's a lot better. Also, I bought a speed loader pen & glued a magnet onto it, so it stores on the rear side of the barrel, down below the light ass'y.

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