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08 March, 2014

Manuel's QB79 Project.

Today's post is from Archer Airguns customer Manuel. He writes...


Recently you sold me a new long tube, a tube cap, seals and a strap assembly to modify a leaking QB79 air rifle.  I wanted to bring it back to a QB78 style.

You were right, it was a nice project, and it came out perfect.  Here a few pictures of the modification I made.  The stock is from a 13 year old QB78; there was nice wood under the original paint.  The scope is an inexpensive 3-7X20mm.  The picture of the targets reflects six 10 shot groups at 55 feet (my back yard width) at 63 degrees; 65 total useable shots; the bottom 5 are the last of the CO2.

I am very happy with the results; I love the QB78!

Thank you,

Maunel, Thank you! And that's some excellent shooting!


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