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18 October, 2014

Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle Test Review Published in Hard Air Magazine

The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle is the latest airgun test review published by Hard Air Magazine (HAM).

This test reviews shows that he Gamo Whisper G2 does many things well. It's accurate, consistent, light and fairly easy to shoot for a spring/piston air rifle of this power.

HAM recorded a maximum of 1162 FPS with 5.56 grain H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellets, giving 16.68 Ft/Lbs of muzzle energy.

Accuracy was very good or excellent with 6 out of the 7 standard HAM test pellets. The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle tested by HAM performed well with all pellets except the RWS Hobbys. This gun is not pellet picky.

The main opportunity for improvement is in the bundled scope. This does not match the quality of the air rifle itself. Do yourself a favor and replace it with a superior quality scope that will be a better match for the quality of the gun. You'll probably see a considerable improvement in practical accuracy as a result.

While knowledgeable airgunners will value the Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle for its accuracy and consistent performance, the overwhelming majority of buyers for this air rifle are not airgun experts and will buy it based on the marketing claims. Both groups will probably feel that they made a good decision!

You can read the Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle test review in Hard Air Magazine.

Please note that Hard Air Magazine is published by Archer Airguns but is run independently of our store.


Unknown Friday, 27 March, 2015  

he Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Caliber air rifle integrates a number of very nice features.  Gamo lists the Silent Stalker at 975 Feet per second with PBA Platinium ammo.  With lead pellets that number will be less but still in a very powerful 800 f/s range which is a little quicker than .22LR rimfire CB ammo with about as much power.

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