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02 March, 2011 - a new way to buy air rifles!

Just launched today is the new Archer Airguns store,

Our new store carries a full range of air rifles, scopes, pellets and accesories. It's also the home of the RateAGun(TM) score, the best way for a new pellet rifle purchaser to choose the gun that's best for them.

Every air rifle on the site carries a RateAGun (TM) score. This score is designed to help newcomers to our sport make the best choice in their new pellet gun. A low score means the gun's easy to use. A high score doesn't mean that the gun is bad, but it does indicate that some special skill or knowledge may be required to shoot it well.

The RateAGun(TM) score is the first time that anyone in the airgun industry has produced such a comprehensive system of guidance for new shooters and I hope that it will be useful.

A new shooter who finds it easy and enjoyable to shoot her pellet gun will continue to shoot and enjoy our interest. Someone who buys an unsuitable gun probably shoots it a few times, doesn't enjoy the experience and then puts the gun away for ever, thinking that all air rifles are just as bad. This person is lost to our sport for ever and I'd like to stop that...

And there's an on-line RateAGun(TM) score calculator that allows a huge number of air rifles to be compared, both with and without scopes. Just adding a suitable scope makes a significant improvement to a gun's RateAGun (TM) score. Try it and let me know what you think!

You can post comments on this blog, or on our RateAGun Facebook page.
Of course, our specialist store continues as the premier on-line location for QB78 family and Stoeger air rifles.


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