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23 March, 2011

Get That Cool "Sightless" Look for your Stoeger Air Rifle

Many of our customers don't see the need to keep the iron sights on their Stoeger Air rifles which are permanently fitted with scopes. So, to help, we have two parts kits that are very useful!

One is a genuine replacement Stoeger muzzle brake/cocking grip (Stoeger Part 382010). This replaces the standard muzzle brake/front sight assembly on the Stoeger X5, X10 and X20 air rifles and gives a clean, sleek look to the muzzle of these guns. (It also removes any chance of that annoying front sight "shadow" that is sometimes visible through the scope).

This photo shows the alternative muzzle brake assemblies.

Removing the factory front sight/muzzle brake/cocking grip assembly is easy. First remove the Allen key in the underside of the assembly (you'll need a metric 2mm Allen wrench for this), then drive the assembly forward off of the barrel using a piece of wood and hammer. The assembly is a push fit and parts company from the barrel easily.

Having removed the front sight by this change, it's logical to also remove the rear iron sight. This is easily done, but unfortunately there's a row of holes left in the top of the barrel assembly that's somewhat unsightly. Enter the Archer Airguns Rear Sight Blanking Kit for Stoeger X5/10/20/50!

The above photo shows the setscrews and cap in place on an X5 barrel assembly.

This simple kit provides setscrews and caps to fill those unsightly holes once the rear sight is no longer present. It also includes a spare of each setscrew and cap, and also an Allen wrench that also fits the muzzle brake/cocking grip setscrew.

Removing the iron sights from your Stoeger airgun and replacing them with these two kits will transform the appearance of your air rifle!


Anonymous,  Monday, 01 August, 2011  

I can't remove the front sight/muzzle on my stoeger x20. I've tried with a wodden block and a hammer but it just won't come off. It's like it's glued to the barrel. Is there another way of doing this?

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 03 August, 2011  


First, I'm assuming that you removed the setscrew in the underside of the front sight assembly first. Correct?

I've not yet found a front sight assembly that is glued in place, but if the plastic part is very tight, I would carefully warm it first with a hair dryer - NOT a heat gun - or leave it in the Sun on a hot day before driving off with the piece of wood. The heat will soften the plastic and make it easier to remove.

I hope this helps!

terje Tuesday, 15 May, 2012  

Can i remove the front sight on my stoeger x50.

Thanks from norway.

Dave Sunday, 02 June, 2013  

The links to the parts in your post didn't work. Are they current?

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 05 June, 2013  

Dave, unfortunately Stoeger Airguns has discontinued the sightless muzzle brake recently and we sold all our stock. That's why it doesn't appear in the store any more. Sorry :-(

Anonymous,  Sunday, 01 December, 2013  

I tried the hairdryer followed by a wooden block and hammer and could not get the muzzle break to budge. Then I heated the piece again, used an open-ended wrench with a terry cloth placed over the barrel and wacked the wrench with a hammer. Success! I got the muzzle break off without damaging it, but it was glued on and some of the finish (paint?) came off the barrel. No problem, most of the damage is minor and will be covered up by the suppressor I am making!

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