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06 February, 2015

QB78 and QB78 Deluxe Back in Stock Again.

Thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently!

QB78 and QB78 Deluxe air rifles are now back in stock at

The QB78 Repeater is also available again at

We have all these models available in both .177 and .22 calibers.

I apologize to everyone who has been waiting. The reason for the delay is this...

We sold out of all supplies of these models in the rush before Christmas. This should not have been a problem as we had placed orders for more supplies in the Fall. However a short delay in production by the factory was compounded by a HUGE delay caused by the port strike (or whatever's happening there) at Los Angeles. The container containing our guns was stuck in the port for nearly 2 months, so the QB78s only arrived here yesterday.

We also have plentiful supplies of the ever-popular QF-2 Cleaning and Parts Kits for B3 air rifles.

Welcome back to the QB78!


Rockyshoreline Friday, 24 April, 2015  

I would like to purchase one of these but the link directs me to an
HTTP Error 404 "Page cannot be Found." Is this due to a changeover in the branding? Are you setting up a new store? I've been trying for a few days now. Hope everything is alright as I would like to make a purchase soon!

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