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01 July, 2013

QB78 Repeater Parts Manufacturing

Here's some photographs taken today of CNC parts manufacturing for the Archer Airguns QB78 Repeater and QB79 Repeater. These are all being manufactured here in Up-State New York to high quality standards. Once this first production run is completed, the parts will be black anodized and then assembled into Repeater Upgrade Kits and complete Repeaters.

Below, here's a CNC machine running Repeater breeches.

Above are some partially-machined breech blanks and, below, another tray of blanks...

Above is a bolt being machined and below we see some of the special, long, cocking pins used in the Repeater.

Below is a box of completed barrel bands, ready for black anodizing.

Initial availability is planned for around mid-July 2013, with a definite date to be announced very soon!


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