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29 June, 2013

New, July 2013 Issue of Airgun Hobbyist Magazine Published.

The latest - July, August, September - issue of Airgun Hobbyist magazine has just been published. It's another interesting issue...

Among the articles, you will find:
- Reviews of the Umarex P.08, and RWS C225 pistols, the Hatsan AT-P2 pistol/carbine and the Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Pistol.
- Comparisons of the Airforce Condor and Talon PCP air rifles, also of the Benjamin NP rifle series.
- Reviews of the Walther LGV Competition Ultra and Webley Stingray air rifles.

There's much more besides. Happy Reading!

You can purchase a subscription to Airgun Hobbyist magazine from the Archer Airguns online store


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