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14 September, 2012

Xisico XS28M - Same Price in .25 caliber

We've answered a number of email questions recently about the Xisico XS28M air rifle - particularly in .25 caliber. This post aims to make the same information available to a broader audience.

This photo shows an XS28M scope combo with a Rex 4-16x40AO scope, UTG Weaver rail adapter and Weaver rings.

Question 1: Do you have the XS28M available from stock in all three calibers - .177, .22 and .25.
Answer: Yes.

Question 2: What is Archer Airguns' price for the basic XS28M (no scope)?
Answer: $149.99.

Question 3: Do you charge more for the .25 caliber model?
Answer: No. All three calibers are the same price, including .25 cal.

Question 4: What's .25 cal performance like?
Answer: Below is an example of "Gold Service" testing for the XS28M in.25 caliber. This gun looks beautiful, has excellent standard deviation (shot consistency) of just over 4 fps and has a nice trigger with a light pull of less than 3 lb. Accuracy is fine with The Peak .25 caliber pellets, but I'd also welcome reader's suggestions for pellets that they have found to work well in this gun. We're still gaining experience with this caliber...

As you can see, tested muzzle energy is in the 22 ft/lbs range. We're seeing muzzle energies with this gun from 21 ft/lbs up to 24/25 ft/lbs.

Actually, the breech seal of the tested gun felt to be a little low. This means that muzzle velocity and - hence - muzzle energy on this particular gun are almost certain to be significantly increased by installing the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles. The XMV Tune Kit also fits the XS28M and is an easy, low cost way to optimize the muzzle velocity of these air rifles.

I'd welcome input as to whether Archer Airguns should offer a service to install the XMV Tune Kit on Xisisco break barrel air rifles for our customers in future.


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