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29 September, 2012

In Fall, Pellet Traps Spring to Mind!

Now that Fall is here, many airgunners start to make plans for indoor shooting ranges at home - in the basement or garage. And, of course, one essential requirement is a pellet trap to safely catch the pellets and prevent them from bouncing back out towards the shooter.

Archer Airguns has the best pellet traps available. They're craftsman-made right here in up-state New York from Oak and Poplar and there's a range of ready made and kit versions. These traps have a long history of satisfied users and are officially-licensed versions of Dr Joe Matusic's original design.

Below we see the Premium Silent Pellet Trap made of oak.

And here's a Classic Kit. It's supplied with full instructions and you can also follow along with the video instructions that are posted on YouTube.

Below we see a couple of assembled pellet traps made from Classic Silent Trap Kits. One is finished in black and has a handle added. The other is is "as assembled" and unfinished form.

All Archer Airguns pellet traps use electricians' Duct Seal as the material to actually stop the pellets. The Duct Seal stops the pellets and prevents that noisy, irritating "clang" that you find with metal pellet traps. That's why they're called "Silent" Pellet Traps. You can buy the Duct Seal from us, but it's usually cheaper to obtain it locally from the electrical aisle of Home Depot or an electrical specialist store. It's commonly sold in 1 lb bricks looking like this.

It's important to know that there's several types of material called "Duct Seal". There's also a Plumbers' Duct Seal. DON"T USE THIS!!! It's useless. Unlike electricians' duct seal, plumbers' duct seal is water-based. It warps the traps, doesn't stay in place and doesn't stop the pellets. But Lowes often tells customers this is what they need. It's not!

The wooden trap structure holds the Duct Seal and targets in place. As an insurance, many customers also like to add a solid steel backing plate behind the duct seal. This is intended as a "back stop" and is not a replacement for duct seal as the primary method of stopping the pellets - but it does add a considerable confidence factor in stopping the pellets, particularly if you're shooting a high powered air rifle.


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