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01 August, 2012

Archer Airguns Launches APG Rewards!

Starting today, customers shopping at Archer Pelletguns will receive reward points for purchases of qualifying products from our store. These rewards allow you to earn an incredible 10% back from purchases of scopes, pellets and accessories.

This is a HUGE level of reward points for customer loyalty that's unmatched in the airgun industry!

How APG Rewards add up for Qualifying Products:
For example, when you make a purchase for $50.00, you will earn 5,000 points. If you purchase $100.00, you will earn 10,000 points. ($1.00 = 100 points).

So what are Qualifying Products?
It's easy: you earn APG Rewards for everything you purchase in our store EXCEPT airguns/pellet guns and BB guns.

Do APG Rewards expire?
No, they are valid for ever.

Do I need to register to receive APG Rewards?
You are automatically elegible to receive APG Rewards when you register to make your first purchase in our store. Registering allows you to track your Rewards in your Account page.

When can I spend my Rewards?
You can redeem APG Rewards once you have just 75,000 Available Points in your account. This means you have $75.00 value in APG Rewards that you can redeem against any purchase in our store EXCEPT airguns/pellet guns and BB guns.

Want to learn more about APG Rewards?
For more APG Rewards information, simply click this link.

NOTE: APG Rewards are only earned and redeemed in the store. They can neither be earned, nor redeemed in the other Archer Airguns store at


Anonymous,  Tuesday, 07 August, 2012  

You screen comments,.. really?

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