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15 August, 2012

Xisico XS28M Now in .25 Caliber - and Pellets!

Recently in stock at Archer Airguns is the Xisico XS28M air rifle in .25 caliber. This magnum power air rifle has been unavailable for some time - now it's here and we're shipping them to customers who have waited patiently for availability. Thanks for your patience!

Of course, we have the XS28M available in a variety of scope combos also.

The muzzle energy of the .25 cal XS28Ms we've tested to date is in the 620 - 660 fps range with 25.1 Grain pellets. This is a very similar power level to that of the Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifles that we have factory refurbished in .25 caliber in our store. It's a power level that makes the XS28M very suitable for hunting varmints and small game.

As you may expect, the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles can be used to achieve to maximize muzzle velocity, if you wish. This typically brings muzzle velocity up into the 660 fps range.

To accompany the XS28M, we also have "The Peak" pointed pellets in .25 caliber available. These are available in individual tins and also in case packs at a great price.

Oh yes, we also have the XS28M in stock in .12 and .177 calibers also.

As many of you undoubtedly know, the XS28M air rifle is a very similar design to the RWS 350 Magnum and we've received some very positive customer comments comparing the XS28M to it's far more expensive German counterpart.


Anonymous,  Friday, 17 August, 2012  

Stephen: I'm interested in the .25 cal Xisco 28, but am concerned about one thing. It has been reported that when these guns first came out that the area in the barrel over the hinge pin, was reported to be very thin. Several people reported that there was a dimple visible inside the barrel ,that appeared after some use. The opinion was that perhaps there was not enough material in that area for these guns to be bored to .25 cal? Has this shown up in any you have exaimined? If this was the case in earlier production has it been corrected?Regards ,Robert.

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 12 September, 2012  

All the guns we have are new production and we've not seen this problem so far. We'll also be double-checking the new barrels when they become available, too. Again, they will all be new production. I have talked to Xisico USA about this and they tell me that there has been a design change to address this issue.

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