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11 October, 2012

Beautiful Silent Airgun Pellet Trap Kit

Continuing our run of posts by satisfied Archer Airguns customers, today we show an Archer Airguns Classic Silent Pellet Trap Kit that was assembled and customized by Franklin from Fairfield, CA. Franklin says "I like the kit a lot".

As you can see, Franklin was very creative with assembling his airgun pellet trap kit. In addition to adding feet and a handle, he added metal plating around the front edges of the trap to prevent damage to the wood. In conjunction with the vibrant red color, it certainly makes a very attractive presentation.

The Classic Silent Pellet Trap Kit is designed for use with Letter-size targets - there's many free downloads of suitable targets to be found on the Internet with a Google search.

Thanks again Franklin, I'm sure your example will inspire others too!


MattC,  Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  

Beautifully done pellet trap. I also recently purchased one of your large pellet traps. I did a walnut stain and then topped it with 3 coats of poly.

I will however steal this idea of surrounding the sides with metal plating. What a brilliant idea!

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