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03 October, 2013

A Simple, Easy Way to Fill Your PCP Air Rifle - The Ninja PCP Fill Station

The Ninja PCP Fill Stations are the ideal way to fill your PCP air rifle simply, safely and efficiently. They combines a "state of the art" 4,500 psi carbon fiber HPA tank, together with a regulated output that automatically limits the pressure entering your air rifle to the correct level.

Archer Airguns has two versions of the Ninja PCP Fill Station.

The Ninja 3,000 PSI Fill Station Works with the Benjamin Marauder, QB78 PCP Repeater and other air rifles safely accepting 3,000 fill pressure.

The Ninja 2,000 PSI Fill Station is specifically set up for the Benjamin Discovery and Crosman Challenger which require 2,000 psi fills.

Compared to the Crosman 15-inch PCP Charging System, for example, the Ninja Fill Station has the following benefits:

1. It's cheaper!

2. Because the tank has a regulated output, there's no danger of accidentally overfilling your airgun SO LONG AS YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT VERSION TO MATCH YOUR AIR RIFLE. With the Crosman Charging System, you have to judge the fill pressure manually, making it possible to inadvertently overcharge the gun.

3. The pressure gauge measures tank pressure, so you know how much air you have remaining in the tank. The Crosman Charging System has a gauge that measures output pressure only, making it easy for the tank to run out of air without you knowing.

No additional adapter is required to fill the tank or connect this Fill Station to your air rifle if it is fitted with a male paintball standard quick disconnect fitting. The fill connection is also a male paintball standard quick disconnect fitting. So, the tank can easily be filled by any local paintball store that can supply 4,500 psi air.

These Ninja PCP Fill Stations have a 90 cubic inch capacity and are supplied complete with a female Foster quick disconnect fitting that fits directly onto your Discovery, Marauder or QB78 PCP Repeater. They are D.O.T. and T.C. approved and have a 15 year lifespan with 5 year hydro tests required.

You should obtain around 20 - 25 refills of a Discovery or Challenger 2009 air rifle and around 7 refills of a Marauder or QB78 PCP Repeater, although your results may vary, of course.

Of course, the Ninja PCP Fill Stations include a bleed valve and they're made in the USA.


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