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26 September, 2013

Archer Airguns 160 Repeater Upgrade Featured in Crosman Blog

The Archer Airguns 160 Repeater Upgrade - which converts a classic Crosman 160 into a 10-shot repeater - has been featured in the latest post of Crosman Corporation's "Croswords" blog.

Here's how the 160 breech looks, in original single-shot form and as the 10-shot 160 Repeater.

Amazingly, both the original Crosman 160 and the 160 Repeater were designed in the same town - Fairport NY, USA - but 58 years apart! Crosman designer Rudy Merz produced the classic 160, while Stephen Archer designed the 160 Repeater Upgrade.

For lovers of the old Crosman 160, a key feature of the 160 Repeater upgrade is that it is completely reversible.

The Repeater is a "drop in" upgrade, with no permanent modifications required to this classic air rifle: the 160 Repeater Upgrade Kit can be removed at any time and the gun restored to its original single-shot configuration with no sign of its racy new multi-shot capability!


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