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05 October, 2013

Use 12 g Powerlets With Your QB79 Air Rifle.

So many times, we've been asked "Can the QB79 or AR2079 be used with 12 gram CO2 Powerlets?"

Up to now, we've had to answer no. But that's all changed with Archer Airguns' introduction of two adapters which allow these popular 12 gram CO2 bottles to be used with the QB79 air rifle. One adapter accepts one Powerlet if you simply want to shoot 20 - 25 shots from your air rifle, the other accepts two Powerlets, offering around 50 good shots- just the same as a QB78.

This gives the QB79 unprecedented versatility in the number of ways that you can feed it with CO2, as the photo below shows.

Now, the CO2 choices for the QB79 and AR2079 are:

1. 9-ounce paintball tank - in conjunction with the Archer Airguns QB79 Tank Adapter.

2. 88 or 90 gram Airsource tanks - in conjunction with the Crosman Airsource/Paintball Adapter.

3. 2 x 12 gram Powerlets - with the RAP4 Dual 12g CO2 Adapter.

4. 1 x 12 gram Powerlet - with the RAP4 Quick Change 12g CO2 Adapter.

Here's how the QB79 looks with the Dual 12g CO2 Adapter installed.

Below is a closeup of the Dual Powerlet Adapter.

And here we have a close view of the single Powerlet adapter.

This range makes the QB79 - together with the AR2079A and AR2079B - by far the most versatile CO2 air rifles available when it comes to choosing the CO2 source to power them. And all are interchangeable, so you can use as many of these options as you want!


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