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26 October, 2013

Replacement Breech Seals for the Ignite Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle

The Ignite Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle is an interesting and innovative airgun that's widely available at Walmart stores.

Above we see the Black Ops Sniper Rifle fitted with a much higher quality 4-16x40AO CenterPoint scope for testing.

Among many unusual features such as included bipod legs and a fully adjustable stock, the Ignite Black Ops Tactical Professional Grade Sniper Air Rifle (wow, what a mouthful for a product name!) actually has an instruction manual that looks as if it was written by someone who knows something about air rifles!

This 12-page operator's manual gives a surprisingly good "Troubleshooting Guide" that covers many common issues that upset the performance of spring/piston air rifles, such as problems caused by loose stock screws and defective breech seals. They even give brief advice on the correct techniques for shooting a spring/piston air rifle and the need for practice to obtain good accuracy.

This is in stark contrast to the approach taken by many airgun vendors, where the absolute minimum of information is presented to the new user, often in the form of pictograms that are not intuitive in any language.

While it's refreshing to see such information included with an air rifle, the Black Ops (or is it "Ignite"?) manual advises that breech seals can leak and that they should then be replaced.

But where can replacement breech seals be obtained? At Archer Airguns, of course...

New at Archer Airguns online store is a kit comprising 6 replacement breech seals for the Ignite Black Ops Tactical Professional Grade Sniper Air Rifle.


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