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13 October, 2013

New Custom Wood Pistol Grips for Crosman 2240 and Similar Air Pistols

New from Archer Airguns are the first of a new range of beautiful custom wood grips for Crosman 2240 air pistols.

These gorgeous grips are created right here in Up-State New York, USA to the highest possible quality standards and are the perfect way to make your 2240 “look and feel like a million Dollars”.

The combination of select woods, state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing, careful hand finishing and real artistry in design ensure that these grips are unsurpassed in both quality and value.

Above. Highlights of Archer Airguns Ambidextrous Walnut Grips for Crosman 2240 and 1740 Air Pistols.

Below. See how the grips fit perfectly to the pistol frame. Double click on any photo for a closer look.

Compared to other aftermarket grips for Crosman air pistols, Archer Airguns Ambidextrous Pistol Grips offer the following benefits:

1. Beautiful, precision checkering on both left and right sides for excellent grip and functional beauty.

2. Precision fit to the Crosman frame - the fit is so good that they almost don’t need the screws to hold in place!

3. Careful design follows the Crosman frame shape exactly, with cutouts around the safety and coverage of the rear frame joint.

4. You can order online and the grips are shipped to you in just a couple of days. No long wait times or need to send checks by “snail mail”. Buy these grips as the same time as our parts and accessory kits - save on shipping!

These ambidextrous walnut grips are designed to feel “full” in the hand, with natural support for your trigger finger. The checkering gives excellent grip, without the aggressive sharpness of the Crosman plastic grips or the slipperyness of uncheckered grips. The grips are supplied complete with replacement brass screws. The wood finish is multiple coats of high gloss lacquer.

The first introductions are in walnut, curly maple and white oak. Saepele (similar to mahogany) will be offered shortly.

Above and below are the Archer Airguns Curly Maple Ambidextrous Grips for 2240 Air Pistols.

And here is a shot of the Archer Airguns White Oak Ambidextrous Grips for Crosman 2240.

Please note that as wood is a natural material, no two sets of grips will look exactly the same. Our photographs are intended to give a representation of the quality you can expect to receive.

These grips fit the Crosman 2240 and similar models (2300S. 2300T etc.).


Anonymous,  Wednesday, 13 November, 2013  

These are great looking grips! Any plans to develop a matching pump for the 13XX's??

And if you are looking for ideas, a black Delrin version with matching pump arm would be a nice addition.

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 13 November, 2013  

Thanks for your positive comments! Yes, we plan to have 13XX pump handles soon.

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 18 December, 2013  

I'm definitely interested in a set for the 13XX, including pump handle. Please let us know when it's available.

Anonymous,  Monday, 30 December, 2013  

When do you expect walnut grips to be available?

Stephen Archer Tuesday, 31 December, 2013  

We plan to have further supplies in January. Thanks for your patience!

Unknown Thursday, 09 January, 2014  

Any update? I've been trying to place my order.

=j= Tuesday, 03 June, 2014  

I was wondering if the Saepele grips were available?

Thank you!

=j= Tuesday, 03 June, 2014  

great looking grips! are you still planning on selling the sapele wood?

David M.,  Saturday, 14 June, 2014  

Ordered a set of the Maple grips for my 2240 today. Very eager to hear more re the 3 piece set for my 1322!

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 18 March, 2015  

how do I order from Archer?

Stephen Archer Monday, 27 April, 2015  

Unfortunately the manufacturer of our grips has gone out of business :-( There will be a significant delay before we can re-establish production, I'm afraid. Apologies for this, it's a situation completely beyond our control.

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